Tametomo's accidental release?

This hero has not been released in ninja tower. And he’s featured here, an ‘oops’ moment?


I had to look again at that one. Thought id just overlooked him. Looks decent.

He’s going to be one of the rarest heroes in this game until a proper ninja tower arrives and features him. He’s going to be a staple in events I guess. That skill damage is crazy strong

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There is also a 3 star ninja I have not seen before

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Probably not. Likely to be intended. Another new hero to keep die hard players summoning till they get all 3 new heroes

Not accidental, working as intended per Petri words in Museum Count Wrong. It was reported back in July already and they didn’t move an inch to fix his internal release date so here he is (with Morganite too).


That’s honestly crazy. Tametomo’s hidden in the 3.6%, saturated with god knows how much 5*s in there. As of now a couple of people got him, but it’s just a miracle if anyone wants to chase him. And he’s nothing but a vanilla hitter, a very good one though

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I believe they forgot about it, although it was reported in July. :joy::see_no_evil:

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Hey if I get that green ninja, he would be my 2nd ninja in my dilapidated roster. I wouldn’t mind receiving him if I was that lucky. :joy::rofl:


Yeah, no accident here. I imagine this was completely intentional for the reasons stated previously

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:

I didn’t even notice him…was looking at the new 3*
But I don’t know how lucky the portals are running lately so…
I’ll wait for his release in the towers

The accidental release happened months ago (July?).

The inclusion of both Tametomo and Morganite in this portal is simply because they qualify in the same way as any other Hero in the Black Friday portal. It is my strong belief that nothing was done to this pair in order to include them.

(SGG are probably just as surprised to see them there as we are :rofl:
…always assuming they even noticed before the Forum flagged it up.)


Yes, you can actually see their “release date” in my data vault :grimacing:

Yes, nothing special, their “release date” is prior to the BF portal and they are not costume and neither from the mystery family so they qualify to be in there like any other heroes. Nothing fancy, just simple programming, and just wrong input…

Personally not surprised. I don’t remember if I mentioned it here on the forums but I definitely talked about it with some people on LINE and I was totally expecting that unless they fixed the release date before the BF summon opening. As I said above, it’s just basic programming (and no bug in the code) with wrong human input…


Most importantly, how can he see when he’s wearing that hat?