TALONS of FROST โ„ - 26/30 - 10* titans - Discord Requirement

Active players wanted for international alliance group!
:united_arab_emirates: :belgium: :australia: :canada: :uk: :croatia: :greece: :ireland: :sweden: :us: :de: :netherlands: :poland:

:snowflake: TALONS OF FROST
30/30 members FULL | Level 30+ | 10*/11* titans

The Talons family is seeking players who are active and want to grow in a three-alliance environment offering a place to develop along with an opportunity to advance. If you are an engaged, active Empires and Puzzles player looking for a good long term opportunity, please consider joining us!

We have all sorts of nationalities in our groups and have very welcoming, friendly players. We maintain a single discord for alliances in the family for reference material and links, discussions and advice/reminders/graphics for game events, war and titan hit history, etc. We do require discord. Language is English. Please consider our alliance group and reach out or reply here!

Excited but not levelled enough? Want to try out the family? Are we full and you just canโ€™t wait until thereโ€™s an opening? Please consider our sister alliance Talons of Wildwood!

Good group of players with active in-game chat and discord!

still looking for players!

Weโ€™re still smashing titans and taking names, and always looking for more talons to enjoy the feast!

Come be a Frostie! We are still recruiting!

Join any Talons Family Flame Frost or wildwood I really mean this you will never be disappointed you did, we have great leaders who help you any time you need help to grow stronger, to learn game better, we are all a family in Talons, they have help me so much in my game I would of never been at were I am in now in my game I never been so happy in any Alliance them I am now come join

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Thanks, Raymac! Yes, we are still growing - 26/40 in Talons of Frost! Come join while thereโ€™s room!

Updated member count and progression into 11* titans! Come join us!

Update that weโ€™re full with a waiting list for the moment!

Please consider our sister alliance, Talons of Wildwood!

After people shifting around our alliance family, we have 2 spots available! Come join us!

Ooops - full again For the moment! Checkout Talons of Wildwood in the meantime!

Talons of Wildwood is still recruiting! Check them out for a terrific alliance family of fun-seeking competitive players of all levels!

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