TALONS OF FROST ❄ --- 25/30 --- 10* titans --- join us!

Active players wanted for international alliance group!
:united_arab_emirates: :belgium: :australia: :canada: :uk: :croatia: :greece: :ireland: :sweden: :us: :de: :netherlands: :poland:

:snowflake: TALONS OF FROST
25/30 members | Level 30+ | 10*+ titans

The Talons family is seeking players who are active and want to grow in a three-alliance environment offering a place to develop along with an opportunity to advance. If you are an engaged, active Empires and Puzzles player looking for a good long term opportunity, please consider joining us!

We have all sorts of nationalities in our groups and have very welcoming, friendly players. We maintain a single discord for alliances in the family for reference material and links, discussions and advice/reminders/graphics for game events, war and titan hit history, etc. We do require discord. Language is English. Please consider our alliance group and reach out or reply here!

Bump. Spot open and recruiting for one.

bump, alliance group formed and recruiting for both

Number of spots open updated

bump, members updated

Bump, members updated

bump with updated information

Bump with updated info

Hi Folks, still looking for recruits? Newbie but daily player, Lvl 20, 519 trophies, joined the first alliance that invited me for Wars and Titans but looking to move on

Frost has room! Join us :slight_smile: And certainly if you have questions I can answer them here.

Bump, openings updated

Bump, player info updated

Thanks a million, just joined. Still learning so am reading up on War tactics etc - any guidance/advice/instructions welcome!

When I get to that tablet I will post a discord invite! Lots of great resources

openings in both alliances

alliance member counts updated

alliance member counts updated

bump alliance memberships updated

Bump, numbers updated

Alliance numbers and titans updated

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