TALONS OF FLAME --- 28/30 --- 12*+ titans --- join us! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Active players wanted for international alliance!
:united_arab_emirates: :belgium: :australia: :canada: :uk: :croatia: :greece: :ireland: :sweden: :us: :de: :netherlands: :poland:

28/30 members | Level 50+ | 12*+ titans

The Talons family is seeking players who are active and want to grow in a three-alliance environment offering a place to develop along with an opportunity to advance. If you are an engaged, active Empires and Puzzles player looking for a good long term opportunity, please consider joining us!

We have all sorts of nationalities in our groups and have very welcoming, friendly players. We maintain a single discord for alliances in the family for reference material and links, discussions and advice, reminders, and graphics for game events, war and titan hit history, etc. We do require discord. Language is English. Please consider our alliance group and reach out or reply here! discord: rigersa#5200

members and alliance info updated

alliance info and members updated

My brother and I are looking for an Alliance. We are both active players who do the Titans daily using all attacks and the Clan Wars PVP twice a week where we use all banners. My user name is Ace and my PVP cups are currently at 2605. My brotherโ€™s user name is randomcrap102 are his PVP cups are at 2157. My team power is 4561 and his team power is 4300.

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