Tallent token resets

I had paid for talent token resets and had 2. They no longer appear in my inventory. If they have been taken away are we being compensated and why?

Can you check your Recent Activity log on the Support tab in game to make sure they don’t record as having been used?


I noticed they disappeared after the update

I have checked and i also know i have not used them. I was waiting on leveling another hero before i use them. I am not trying to pull one over on E&P. They really are gone. And now it seems as though the cost are gems…10 to be exact. I tried to screen shot but wont allow me with the pop up.

I’m only aware of a reset emblem offer happening once, back in May, and it certainly wasn’t for 10 gems.

Your best bet us to put in a support request with Small Giant. Here’s how to do that:

They may be able to track down what happened to the reset emblems, and if they disappeared without having been spent, they would be able to restore them for you.

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