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Talismans of Shannara - recruiting

We are very much a fun family unit who are very active. We have players mostly US/UK based, but others from all of the world, so there is always someone online to play alongside.

The alliance currently kills all 7/8 star titans, but we do seem to struggle against some of the 9/10 stars… but we are still growing as an alliance and having Fun.

We DO NOT do drama, but if you just want some fun and to be part of a great alliance, then look us up.

Simple rules, players must have 1200 trophies to join, hit the Titan and Participate in Wars. If anyone is going to be offline for a few days, then let someone know.

We do also have a Line group (not mandatory) with lots of useful documents, spreadsheets and information to generally help improve your game and we have some very social members. Also we have several experienced players who are always on hand to help.

So If you want to have fun in a great alliance, then we would welcome you joining us. Search alliances for ‘Talismans of Shannara’ and request to join.Alliance

Are you still recruiting?
Im a 2.2 to 2.4 k in cups player.
Have a 4.2k defence team.
I am looking for home that has players in same range which you guys seem to be.
In Game name Big Sven.

Firstly welcome to the forum.
Its been a year since this thread was active. Can I suggest you might want to make your own recruitment thread, as you will have many offers given your game stats. There are tons of alliances that would want you to join.

If you need help, tag one of our friendly moderators, else hit reply and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Good luck finding a new home, if you haven’t already.