Tales of Victory

The ups and downs of Tournaments! After losing 2 in a row at the latest tournament (no blues) board after board of of blue tiles and fast mana boost. I begrudgingly entered my third of the day. Opponent had from left to right, Marjana, quinntus, melandor, joon,colen. Similar stats to mine. Me drake F 4/61, kadilen 4/62, wilbur 4/70 7T, Sartana, rigard 4/70.
Battle commenced, another blue board, Melandor fires off almost straight away, joon slaps Sartana down to about 40% no mana breaks for me, Marjana again, kadilen nearly out, drake and Kadilen ready to fire up, now sartana, wilbur nearly out. I had to wipe out melandor before he saved his team again. Marjana was at about 60% Melandor around 50%. I target quinntus with drake to hit the left flank. He hits, little damage, kadilen blows kisses at the other team as usual, at least shes gives everyone a defence boost… Oh my mistake. Drake fires again takes out marjana, Yes! Take that ginger! leaving Sartana to finish off the Hobbits friend Melandor, somehow he survives, no health but he survives… I wish my 4/40 Melandor would do that! He predictably revives again, this game ! Quinntus wipes all my team out apart from good old Rigard. At this point I am broken, rueing the day I started playing. I hit a blue diamond in a what’s the point sulk, expletives flowing, its combo time!! 6x quinntus boom! 9x. Melandor thank F***, 13x Joon Yes Yes Yes!!! Only Colen left throbbing ready to finish Rig, 15x the combos getting weak, not now combo god! You can dooo eeet 19x… R.i.p Colen. I had won!!! Rigard health was 4. Just Awesome!!!


What a phrase :joy:

Great account. I’m moving it to Community Content, hope that’s ok.


Sure thanks :slight_smile: I left out the harrowing turn of events of Wilbur"s untimely end.

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Best not to overcook it :slight_smile:


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