Talents : Roque's dodge..logical?

Hey guys,

I have a logical issue with the dodge talent from roques. If a nasty effect comes together with the attack then the dodge only refers to the damage and not the ailment.

“I’m gonna kill you filthy little roque.” *slash “Haha you didn’t hit me. Oh…why the f… am I burning?”

Seriously how can you get that ailment when someone misses you? So I would say dodge the ailment too. At least it would be logical.

Too strong compared to monk class?

What do you think?

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I agree with both parts of your post :stuck_out_tongue:

It would definitely make it more logical but already the rogue class is probably the best class bonus around… The ability to completely dodge incoming damage can easily turn the tide of a battle. So adding that dodged attacks dodge the status effect also would be probably too much…

Think of it like a consolation prize… Yes you missed all the damage to him BUT you gave him a nasty scare :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I tried to put some logical reasoning to it in another similar post long time back. :rofl:


Even if you dodge a meteor, you can still get caught on fire.

Even if you jump away from that ball of toxic sludge, you can still get enveloped by a toxic cloud it generates.

I’m not saying I like the way it works but the justification for the way it works is at least feasible.


The primary skills work independently of secondary skills. But I wonder if dodge may apply the other way around. I mean, to be hit, but not poisoned, for example…


That’s how the Monk Withstand works, so I guess the logic is that Monks aren’t agile to dodge physical attacks like Rogues can, but they can mystically block magic.

We’re a few days away from Costumes being released, which include one for Skittles that looks like something out of the Candy Land board game…so I feel like this isn’t the most questionable logic in the game, at least. :face_with_monocle:


It’s not possible, because by definition, dodge talent only works on direct damage from special skills. :slight_smile: