Talents on costume heros

Finally got c.rigard and maxed him…I’ve got a few spare ranger emblems so thought great i can put them on him…nope i have to use cleric emblems on original…other than quests (for rangers) what’s the point of him being a ranger if you cant use the ranger emblems? Am I missing something?

He will inherit the talent grid from the base hero (i.e. if you went to +12 on normal rigard going L,R,R,L, your costume will pick up the same talent tree going L,R,R,L but on the ranger tree instead).

As for “whats the point”:

My thoughts from another thread:


Thanks for the reply Guvnor. Yeah i got the versitility but didnt think of the talent path bonus being very different. I still would like the option to use my ranger emblems on c.rigard tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…i’ve too many heros queuing up for my cleric ones.

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