Talented 3* vs 4* vs 5*

So I noticed that the talent trees are the same no mater which hero is selected. So my question is this. Will this new feature give any advantages or boosts to 3* heros or 4* vs 5*? I was really hoping that the new system would allow each lower level hero to be comparable to its next tier brethren in stats. There doesn’t steam to be any variety in hero level talents unless I missed something.

Right now for reference I still have a need for 3* yellow in my teams and its seems like nothing in the game mechanics has changed.

Look at the power level of each hero. A fully developed talent grid will add about 100 power to the hero. That is technically enough to bump a 4-star at 70+20 up to the power level of a 5-star at 80+0, but in reality the 4-star still falls a hair short.

3-stars however remain hosed no matter how many emblems you give them. Notice how their power starts off about 200 below a 4-star. By maxing a 3-star’s talent grid you bridge about half of the gap. Meaning it will then be about as powerful as a 4-star at 3-60 but my money says that it will still fall just a little bit short based one the shortcoming of 4-star to 5-star heroes.


I disagree. If there was a hero with 895 attack power, 558 defense, 1142 hps, fast mana, deals 215% to Target and minor damage to near by enemies, Target and nearby enemies get -34% attack for 6 turns, and had a 20% chance of evading special skills. That hero would rank well amongst 5* heroes. IMO anyways

I think the context was “as measured by the printed Power on the card”. And a 4+20 won’t get quite as high as a 5+0. But remember—-the Power is really closely linked to the stats and doesn’t fairly measure the value of the special skill or class ability.

Having said that, there are many 4* that, at 4+20< will be among the best heroes in the game—except for all the great 5* that become talented.

The stat increases alone aren’t going to reshuffle the current ranking. There are some 4* heroes that I think are absolutely better than 5* heroes, even maxed. (Grimm > Thorne, e.g.) where the shuffles may happen is where a class ability has particularly good synergies with the hero. Monk Santa as tank, greatly improved. Wizard Hel, already among the best, widens her lead. Will manashield on MN change her performance compared to Alberich and his minion thorns?


I think they will shake up the rankings. Evade on Scarlett is a sweet upgrade, jinx on kiril is so very much not

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Power levels

My Sigrunn 1*+20 has a higher power than a 3* Trainer.

Current rumors:

A 2*+20 has a higher power than a 7/8 3* 3.50 .

A 3*+20 almost has a higher power than a 4* 3.60 ( with the difference in true levels, that was to be expected ).

A 4* 4.70 hero is usually 740 to 744 power almost as much as Azlar and Marjana at 5* 4.80 .

Team cost

Rumor has it Classes do not increase a hero’s team cost. So theroretically you can fit more hero under a team cap.

Legendary training

Given the odds of a 4* hero from legendary training, and the fact a 4* 3.60 hero has similar stats with a 3*+20, and 4* have better special skills, I would only use emblems on a 3* hero if you really like them ( looking at you Bane, Rudolph & Hisan ) or if you have a color missing on your rainbow 4* 3.60 to help complete 3* / 4* ascension item rare quests.

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That hero would be severely deficient in defense and HP while having a significantly above average attack. Basically, you’ve re-made Gobbler and are trying to measure him up against the wrong standard.

Gobbler is 737 attack, 450 defense and 1302 HP.
An average 4* has 654 attack, 628 defense and 1112HP.
An average 5* has 719 attack, 707 defense and 1352 HP.

By average I mean I mathematically averaged all of the heroes’ stats in the game. It has nothing to do with the SS speed.

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So would you say strategically to make 3* even effective in the new scale of things, the best option would be to max defense as much as possible. Its apparent that increasing defense is better then increasing ones attack. Maybe then a 3* could survive long enough to be effective.

I’m 95% f2p and have 12 3* across 6 teams and would really like to use certain skills like brienne but she squishes so easily.

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Brienne 3*+20 would be equal to a 4* 3.60 Wu Kong. Depending on the titans you fight, useful against a Blue titan, or any titans except red, until you summon your second Wu Kong from Legendary training.

I routinely run a 4* 4.70 AND a 4* 3.60 Wu Kong versus purple titans.

@Gryphonknight could u point me to a thread explaining the 3.60 and other numbers? I just really started paying attention and no idea what 3*+20 represents :sweat_smile:

e.g. 3.60 +20

3 = tier level
60 = single level in tier
+20 = added class level

Has two ascensions, 60 levels and 20 class tokens.

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Notation, post 123

(The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary) - #123 by Gryphonknight)


For new players I also recommend

([Guide] “Rage Quit and back again” or How I learned to stop worrying (about 5* s) and Love the 4* s ( told in links )[ 1- 16 months, Manual, Road map])



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With the minor clarification that 3-star tops out at level 50. So he should have wrote it 3.50+20.

WTF why would you do that? The buffs don’t stack and a 3\60 wukong would die very quickly. If you wanted more wukong buff you could just bring some small mana pots. Do you just not have any other yellow options?