"Talent Tree Scroll" Kinda Working with Heroes who have Costume Equipped -- Defaults to Normal Talent Tree

Kinda annoying one but the Talent Tree Scrolling QoL feature introduced in V31 doesn’t factor in heroes who have a costume equipped… It keeps defaulting back to the Original / Base version of the hero…

It kinda makes sense from an “equipping emblems” perspective as you cannot equip emblems to the Costume, only to the Base Version (see FAQs if you don’t get this)… But it’s also kind weird in that You can start from the Costume Talent Tree of a hero, scroll one way then try to scroll back & you don’t end up back where you started (on the Costume Talent Tree), instead are on the normal version…

This feature from the announcements:

Some Pictures of what I mean by this

So here is how the roster is set-up for this demonstration:

Can see that Little John, Tiburtus & Melendor are all costumed.

Starting on Little John’s Talent tree then scrolling LEFT to go to Caedmon; then scrolling BACK RIGHT to Little John’s Talent Tree we get this happening:

As you can see, we started on Ranger Little John Talent Tree and ended up on Barbarian Little John Talent Tree… despite his costume still being equipped.

If we then continued scrolling to the RIGHT (from Little John to Li Xiu to Tiburtus & Melendor):

Still no costumes.


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