Talent Tree - Defense Bonus Calculation/Description for Guin wrong in step 8?

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I already submitted a support ticket but Scott told me I should also post this issue in the forum to potentially get more feedback on it. I searched the forum for it but couldn’t find anything similar. My apologies, if that topic already exists.

So I went for Guin’s 8th talent node the other day: “Increases defense by 3% (23 points)”.

The following two pictures show her stats before and after going for node 8 with the 3% defense increase:


Am I missing something or is the calculation or the percentage displayed wrong?

814 * 1,03 = 838,42
Hence, her DEF stat at node 8 should be at least 838 and not 837. :thinking:

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My guess is that it’s 3% of her pre-emblem stat, meaning that any defense boosts picked up along the talent tree don’t count in the calculation.


Yes, @lexinen is correct. It also says “(23 points)” on the talent tree and that is what you got.

Her base defense stat without any emblems given is 778.

778 * 0,03 = 23,34.

You could be right. However, that description is more than misleading imo because the math is not correct whenever you apply that 8th talent node. At that time, my Guin had a DEF stat of 814 and 3% of that are not 23 points.

It should read something along those lines then: “Increases defense by 3% of her base stats”. So I’ll leave it as a “bug” for now…

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