Talent tree cost totally broken in favor for 4*?

I would like to get some feedback from the developers if possible on the fact that more then a few players in diamond league/ lesser extent Platinum started using “super charged 4* hero’s” instead of their 5* legendary hero’s.
Now you might say huuh?

But with the current massive Gap in emblem cost between 4* and 5* hero talent trees lots of players been able to go REALLY deep for some massive HP increase and damage+ revive etc that would cost 4-5 times as much on a 5* hero.

By doing that players are able to farm 40-50 trophy’s at a time.
My current defence team got a total of 4100+ with all maxed out 80’s with Ares, mother North, vivica, magni, Hel getting slaughtered by 4* teams 5-600 power points lower with 7-9 deep in talent trees with health of 1500+ and some truly nasty bonus specials like SABINA - healing/remove buffs AND chance to cut Mana creation by freaking 50%
That’s just one example.

So my question is this, is the talent trees working as intended or should the costs maybe be the same for all heroes?
I got the feeling talent trees are broken right now and suggested that everyone with weaker heroes then 5* in our alliance should max out their talents on 4* since it seems a way better investment then grinding/paying for 5* heroes right now.

Anyone else noticed this lately?

Just also do it… It’s great…

Ahh @Olmor, you always beat me with the links. Thank you!! I remember reading this and thinking, “well I’m maxing all my good 4* and holding off on the 5* for now”

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Ahhh… the power of a emblemed Sabby!

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Yes, might pull all my 5* talents and distribute along the 4* looks like a no brainer :smile:

If I could just get that last trap tool!!!

Spread your talents all over your roster to slowly build a deep talent bench… DTB

All good heroes to 4 and key heroes above thereafter…

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Thats what I’ve been working on, interesting reading you linked to Olmor :smiley: totally missed that thread.
Thank you and will make sure everyone in my team reads it!

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