Talent Strategy

I was hoping any of you could offer some thoughts about talent strategy. My initial observations are as follows:

  1. These class events are not prohibitively difficult and will yield a lot of talent coins/emblems.

  2. It seems that the cost benefit ratio seems to benefit using them on 4* heroes (questionable…)

  3. It is not clear to me whether you have to fill both sides of the tree to pass beyond the first node…?

  4. Some heroes have talents that synergize better with their natural abilities (e.g. Grimm’s talent tree seems to help him more than Athena’s tree helps her.)

Any and all insights would be appreciated.

You don’t need to fill both sides, you need to chose which side you take at each nose, and you forfeit the talents of the side you don’t choose.

Personally, I will give all my emblems to 4* and once I have accumulated over a thousand in a class, I will probably take them off (reset) and transfer them to my maxed 5* who benefit them the most.

It should be rather easy to figure out which synergies work and which don’t make sense. For example never give wizard emblems to Kiril.

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