Talent Points

The talent points have created an unfair advantage on the battlefield. Most defense teams have 4-10 talent points assigned, which gives them an enormous advantage over attacking teams that don’t have talent points. Something needs to done to even the playing field. No body wants to fight a hopeless battle. I’m luckier than most of my teammate because I have enough variation to have two teams with talent points but my other four don’t. Even thought two of those teams are maxed out they have no chance of winning against most of the defense teams on the battlefield. Please do something to correct this issue. Either remove the talent point advantage in the wars or allow the attack teams to assign talent points to their heroes before going to battle.

When you say Talent points, you mean this, yes?


No offense to you, but why should these points be removed merely for the sake of your convenience? These players have played hard to get where they are, have collected heroes and emblems and leveled their heroes as they saw best. Why should they now be penalized?


Not saying remove them from the game but if you have 6 attacks in the war and most of the defense teams have talent points, once you’ve attack with you best team all the others we likely have no chance because they only have base stats. What’s point of battling if you know you’ll get zero points and do very little damage. Players should at least have the option to assign talent points to all their attacking teams that are eligible for them.

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Base heroes can definitely beat heroes at +6.

But perhaps more importantly, the game is about making choices with the resources you have.

You are welcome to distribute your emblems as you see fit. There are 10 different classes, and several heroes per class. It should be straightforward for you to have enough emblemed heroes for 2 per war hit, if you so choose.


I disagree with what you are saying. The players who have emblems have worked hard to get themselves into that position - to try and gain an advantage over the opposition. It is therefore up to the competition to gain emblems to try and match up to the opposition!


I also disagree. Adding talents is just another way of leveling up your heroes through gameplay, hard work, and planning. Certainly you wouldn’t be in favor of only using non-leveled 1^1 heroes right? This is no different imo. If you don’t have more than one viable war team, it just means you have more work to do to get there.

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I get it but all the options posted assumes players have enough maxed hero’s to make those choices. Most mid-level players don’t and after they use up the few they do have they may as well sit out the rest of the war. I know a lot of gamers think total and complete domination is fun but I rather a fair fight where success is possible on both sides. At any rate I don’t make the rules and this just one players opinion. Thanks for comments though.

I have only 6 maxed 5* heroes, and only one of those has emblems. I play in a top 100 alliance. And it’s a rough war these days if I score less than 200 pts.

So I don’t agree with your premise that only players with killer rosters can be successful against emblemed targets.


On the basis of this discussion, it’s unfair that some players have the top five star heros. Why not remove them as well from the battlefield. We could just even it out and ensure everyone is limited to the same unlevelled 1 star hero team.

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I’d say that on offense you can beat +20 with unemblemed heroes. I finished top 1% in this last tournament(3* only) and I don’t have a single emblemed 3* hero. By choice, I don’t think raid tournaments alone are worth using emblems on 3* and I don’t do monthly events competitively.

No emblems on my 3s and I still got top 1% and won against teams of +20 3 heroes. Sure, the heroes are better emblemed, but you can still win. You have a very real chance of not only winning, but dominating.


A new tournament rules perhaps.

Top 5 heroes in roster will not be allowed to participate.
This would make people want to murder SG. :rofl:

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From a fairly new player viewpoint, at a fairly low level.
I have not had a major problem with 4* + emblems during wars.
I usually go after teams that are somewhat stronger than me or the strongest remaining on the field. Sometimes it take a couple of tries but i usually prevail.
Having mostly new players in alliance, and being one of the strongest, i feel it is proper.
None of my 4s are maxed, so no emblems.
I have a fairly good selection(about 20), some on final, most waiting for mats, and a few dups.
My 3s are mostly maxed with a few emblems.
Now 5
s is another storie. I have tried on occasions but I’m not quite strong enough yet, for most.
I do have 3 but im not levelling them yet.
So no i don’t agree, sorry.
Have fun.

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I have zero maxed 5* but have managed to beat more than a dozen 4100+ teams with my 3400-3500 team. The key is choosing the right heroes and colour stacking against the tank or toughest hero. I usually go 3-1-1 or 3-2 or 2-2-1. It’s definitely possible.


Just defeated a 4153 team. Mine was 3526.

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I appreciate all points of view. I totally understand the frustration of a newer player trying to go toe to toe with one who has been here awhile…and that’s why events have tiers.

Personally, there are many milestones i have hit while playing, humps if you will, where before the hump i was stuck and frustrated because it seemed like everyone was better than me:

  • the transition from 2* to full 3*
  • from 3* to full 4*
  • from 4* to maxed 4*
  • from maxed 4* to 5*

I still don’t have five maxed 5*, though i’m working on it.

The point: You do you, no matter what level you’re at. If the battle is too frustrating, step back and level, then try again (you should always be leveling). I say this to encourage you, not discourage. This game is a marathon, not a sprint, and you will find certain things easier with time. :slight_smile:


Since the talent emblems increase you heros’ TP they are taken into account when war matchmaking starts. Presumably where they have an advantage in emblemed defense they have a disadvantage elsewhere (like last 3 flags).


Might as well cap the heroes for AW to 1 * and 2 *. No emblems to Aifes and Derricks…lol.
My makeshift team of 3690 usually able to beat a team of 4xxx tp in AW mainly due to the right strategy and board planning.
You don’t go suicide against a Guin, Kunchen or GM tank by using a rainbow team. Stacking is the best choice.
Depth bench and right strategy definately help big time in AW.


I think you hit the nail dead on the head. A well experienced player that has invested time and effort grinding and reconfiguring then making hard choices sacrificing some of their favorite heroes to improve Legendary ones should absolutely be powerful. A new player to the game like myself may not have much of a chance to win often, but on those times that I do, I am well remembered. Learn from your losses, build your resources, level relentlessly and if your opponent darkens the sky with arrows then fight your battles in the shade! Stay strong and diligent and you will one day taste victory all the sweeter because of the hell you have been through.


you said it ever so much better than i! :grin:

Pretty much nailed it @Rook. Exactly how I felt as I progressed through the game. I’m currently at the maxed and Emblemed 4* and starting in on some of my 5*…man is that a long and winding road!!

You’ll never beat every team, take losing as a learning experience. I’d also suggest not auto farming. The more you play the more you become accustomed to looking ahead for 4-5 matches and the better you become. Turning a bad board good, or even decent, takes skill AND Luck. Luck will win some wars for you but experience will win more. Play the game for fun, take your time, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching the top 100 except time (and patience). Good Luck!!


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