⁉ Talent: Normal Attack or Special: Pierce: '+5% chance to bypass defensive buffs when attacking. This includes counterattacks

Pierce: '+5% chance to bypass defensive buffs when attacking. This includes counterattacks.

Is it apllied to normal attack, special attack or both?

I was looking the same answer, any beta player can answer?

I think i’m.gonna give the embelm to jack

I’m pretty sure t applies to both. I’ve definitely seen it work on specials, and would be very surprised if it didn’t work for normal attacks as well.

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Lol well that went well

@littleKAF maybe can answer this question

I believe it works for both.


I “believe” it does as well but i can’t confirm

Where are the devs when you need them? Maybe they have been bombarded badly enough in the 1* tournament thread that they do not dare to come to the forum anymore lol

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Lol possibly but they typically leave it up to players to answer these type of things

True. Let’s hope some more experienced players can come and clarify the mystery.

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My issue is the % chance, i would have to record every single raid to capture it and by human nature, i would rather someone else do it lol

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I know for sure that it works for special skills, because I personally have seen it happening. The most recent example took place in this past trial.

I had Cyprian and he cast his counterattack special. The boss Lianna fired her special at Cyprian. I thought “Ah ha! She’s gonna kill herself! Yeah!” But nope. She bypassed counterattack and straight up killed Cyprian…


Special skills, yes no question but that is more noticeable than normal attacks

Sorcerer talent for example, i typically don’t even notice when it was cast until i notice 2 same mana speed heroes charge at different rates

Yes, it affects normal attacks. I’ve had Seshat’s piercing power go off just with tiles.

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