Talent loot grid items

ok so were do i find the items for talent group loots
i just did 112088 damage to a red titan
second place 7 or 8 star red dragon
so not one talent grid loot drop :*
i have done the 3 quest they released that is all,
so since they have been realized were are thease loots
i have recived 1 tallent fighter token for a 100 mission chest since the relase date that is all were are they please help me find tokens,
so i guess they are going to make them for sale as it is impossible to get them any other way i wonder and think about giving up :frowning:

They can’t drop from regular titan loot, but there’s a chance to get them from rare titans. Otherwise they can show up (very infrequently) in chest loot.

There are a few threads that will help you out with more details and discussion related to things you mentioned:

so second place levle 7 is not good enough lmaof
thanks for this
im just venting my fustrations im taking lots of screen shots lol
they rely need to fix this issue
why the fark relase something if we cant use it feeling so angry an so annoyed
this is a joke i rely dont think i will ever finish any of my stuff think they just going to sit there for 20 years :frowning:

You’re not alone in your frustration with the pace of drops, as you can likely see from even a cursory reading of the threads above.

While there’s extensive discussion of the drop rate issues, there’s so far only only “idea” post that I know of for addressing it, where @Kerridoc proposes a baseline bare minimum drop rate to keep all of us from going entirely insane. I encourage you to review it and perhaps vote for it:

ive been smashig titans hard no loots for tallent griids :frowning:

Right — there is no possibility at all of a regular titan dropping class emblems currently.

No matter how hard you whack the titan, it will not spit out class emblems like a party piñata.

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What @zephyr1 said. emblems only drop on rare titan loot.

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you would think a b or c spot you should get some kind of tallent drop even if it was just 1. :frowning:

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this is what piss me of :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for my venting

I’m going to close this thread and suggest that further discussion flow into one of the more established threads linked above. Thanks.

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