Talent Grid Version 2

The Hero Class/Talent system has several issues. Below I identify the issue and provide a potential solution to mitigate.

The entry cost alienates 99% of the Empire Puzzle player base
-The cost to max out a single hero is too high causing players to give up on the game for those that maxing out their heroes was their goal
–5-star costs about 1500 emblems to max
–4-star costs about 800 emblems to max
–3-star costs about 280 emblems to max
++I recommend rebalancing the cost to allow for cheaper early tier and increase the cost as you move up through the tiers

-The method of collecting emblems is just a casino that provides a very small trickle that will frustrate people
–At a rate of 2-10 emblems a day I’m looking at about 2,000 emblems a year. Which would be of mixed classes and would be only good for 3/4-star heroes to max.
++There needs to be dungeons added along the campaign journey that you can send heroes into and they come back after a certain amount time bringing back emblems and maybe some ascenion materials but mostly focused on emblems.

-The cost of resetting is too great. Everyone will be too afraid to try their emblems on different heroes.
++There should be temples that you can unlock throughout the campaign and each one can hold 1 hero at a time of any class. Heroes can have their talents reset at a rate of 2 minutes per emblem spent. So resetting a maxed hero would take 2 days. The instant reset emblems could be kept rare and be a luxury

The bonuses are static and only add a very limited adjustment to the current meta.
++If you create a scaling class skill that gives its bonus to other heroes in the class and ultimately to all heroes at max level (at a lower percentage) you drastically increases the potential strategy complexity and it would provide a decent shift in the meta allowing for greater diversity with the hero combinations in the top ranks.

Below is how I’d restructure the current Class/Talent/Emblem system.

Paladin Class
Tier 1 - Protect
Tier 2 - Defense Bonus, Attack Bonus
Tier 3 - Heal Bonus, Health Bonus
Tier 4 - Protect II
Tier 5 - Critical Bonus, Mana Bonus
Tier 6 - Protect III
Tier 7 - Transcend

Tier 1 [Protect]
+0.25% chance of activation per level (7.5% chance at max level)
+1% defense per level (+30% defense at max level)

Tier 2 [Defense Bonus, Attack Bonus]
+2 Defense / +3 Attack per level (+60 Defense / +90 Attack at max level)

Tier 3 [Heal Bonus, Health Bonus]
+0.2% Heal Bonus / +3 Health Bonus (+6% Heal Bonus / 90 Health at max level)

Tier 4 [Protect II]
+1.5% Protect shared across same class heroes (+45% at max level)

Tier 5 - [Critical Bonus, Mana Bonus]
+0.2% Critical Bonus / Mana Bonus (+6% at max level)

Tier 6 - [Protect III]
+0.5% Protect shared across entire team (+15% at max level)

Tier 7 - [Transcend]
+1 skill maximum with a 10 level maximum
Each transcend requires increasing the heroes skill to the new maximum before accessing/using the Class Talent.
Special cost of 100/200/300 emblems with an increase of 25/50/100 emblems per level.
Total Cost is 2125/4250/7500 for 3/4/5-star heroes.
Transcended Heroes CANNOT be RESET.

Individual Bonus Costs
Costs 62/92/152 emblems to max a bonus on a 3/4/5-Star
Costs 466k/932k/1.4m food/iron to max a bonus on a 3/4/5-Star

Total Cost For Max (Except Transcend)
Costs 558/828/1368 emblems to max any 3/4/5-Star hero.
Costs 4.2m/8.4m/12.6m food/iron to max any 3/4/5-Star hero

Cost to Unlock Each tier
11/21/41 for 3/4/5-star heroes

I didn’t list 1 or 2-star heroes because I’d do the following with them.

1/2-star heroes shouldn’t be able to support emblems. If they do have access to the talent sytem it should only cost 1 emblem across the board for all levels.

It may seem that I said its too expensive and totally increased the maximum cost. But I’ve decreased the entry point to make it very pratical to have micro improvements to many heroes which interests players a lot more than having to do large investments out the gate. Also, the dungeons idea makes it so you can have a steady supply of emblems.

It’s 1500 for 5*s. You have to choose paths for some talents

Oops, just realized my mistake. Sorry.

Also, they have already mentioned that they prefer to start it slowly rather than flood the game with emblems from the very beginning.
Emblems’ income will rise.

I won’t start a discussion on how even partial class-upgrade of heroes helps in the game, as it was already heavily discussed in other topics.

Also, for 4* it’s 500, not 800.

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I think the current rate I am getting emblems is fine for my ambitions I am a about 3 months into the game have a lot to learn but I am very much enjoying my time. However I do see the point you are making a very valid for end game.

They could provide test battles with full talented heroes, so one can check, if it’ll be worth spending emblems to and for which grid. Cost could be a minor amount of food, iron or we.

This may not be the right thread to ask this, but I am new to the game and searching hasn’t helped. Where is a Hero’s talent grid, is it only assessable after you have maxed out your training and ascensions’? I have hundreds of emblems and don’t know what to do with them. I also do not have any maxed out Heros.

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The Talent grid only appears once you have nexed a hero and also maxed the special

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