Talent grid unavailable [SOLVED: hero special must be maxed in addition to hero leveling]

The talent grid is unavailable for my maxed Boril

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His special needs to be at max to allow for emblem use. Right now, Borils’s special is at 7.


I first time see maxed 4* without 8/8 speciall, that was must be so unlucky :no_mouth:

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Very unlucky indeed. I cant max him more

All wasnt lost. I fed him another Boril & the chance to up skill was 100% & he leveled! A tip for anyone else who encounters this

All probabilities of raising the special from feeders are quintupled when a hero is at max level. That change went in several versions ago. So any one of: 10 blue 1*, or 5 blue 2*, or 3 blue 3* plus a blue 1*, or one copy of Boril, would have gotten you a 100% chance of leveling the special.

I have several heroes that where at the max level yet their special not completely evolved… sometimes it happends when you feed them.with different t color feeders…

My holy hero(yellow) is upgraded to max but still I cannot get talent grid option.what to do.

I’m going to assume that the special skill isn’t at 8/8 yet. If that’s the case, here is the info you need to max it


@Zephyr1, @Kerridoc, @Rook, we probably need a split. This seems like a likely candidate for a master (oldest now-closed bug thread on the subject, with a succinct answer and some reasonable discussion):

All set, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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