Talent grid not calculating correctly


currently the talent grid is not calculating certain nodes correctly. I’m specifically talking about any node that needs to take a % of defense or health or attack. For my Proteus for example, with defense at 631 and health at 1151, talent node 8 allows me to increase health or defense by 3%. 3% of 631 is 18.93 while 3% of health is 34.53, but the game is telling me that it would only crease health by 32 points and defense by 17 points.

Even if you were to round down, these numbers are obviously not correct. It’s obviously a very small mistake with no major impact to the gameplay but it’s more a matter of principle.


Hmm…didn’t notice this when I was giving emblems to Proteus (or any other hero for that matter) but it APPEARS that the % increase is based on the 4/70 maxed stats of the hero. Which for Proteus is 595 for defense and 1079 for health. A 3% bump of those stats would be 17.85 pts for defense and 32.37 pts for health. Rounded down to 17 and 32. That’s…lame.

Exactly, especially when you consider that these nodes cost more emblems than previous ones, yet give less of a stat boost.

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Something that is not known massively but the % increase nodes are a percentage of the Base Stat BEFORE any emblem bonuses.

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