Talent grid Magni (costum)

Good morning !

I have cMagni and he is finally 4.80! I start the talent grid, but I don’t know what I have to take. I was thinking full attack, for title damage Et offensive raid, but I saw a lot of people talking about defensive tree.

What is your advices? And what is the best with the costum?

Thank you very much

Hello, please some helps…

I started left with Magni non costum, but that was probably a bad idea for cMagni. I don’t know what is the best path.

It seems like cMagni is one of the best for offensive raid, so it is probably best to choice the path for this. But I don’t know which one.

Hello there.

Magni is a sniper and it’s (almost) always better to proritize attack stat on snipers. His costume already rebalances his base stats toward more defense and cuts his attack stat significantly.

Going defense path for him would make some sense if you intended to keep him in the defense team - but here are my arguments about that:

  • 30-45 defense difference will be insignificant to be even noticed in your cup level, especially if he’s a flank
  • defensive use of heroes is always temporary - they can always be replaced; for offense, you use what you have all the time, and C. Magni is so good I can barely see him replacable as blue sniper
  • when you think about it - when you put a fast sniper in a defense team that’s not for him to stand long, that’s to make sure he kills as many as possible before he goes down; which is yet another reason to boost his poor attack stat when costumed

I hope this helps.