Talent grid is not working

Kirils talent grid is not working,how do i know if its workn

please fixed this isues thanks

Can you explain in more detail what exactly isn’t working, and perhaps post screenshots as well?

So many times i created blue diamonds and his talent grid not working unlike my other hero talent grid work

sorry i cant get screen shots,only kiril talent grid is not working my gormek talent grid is working

Are you sure that the enemies had buffs when Kiril’s Jinx triggered? If not, it won’t cause any extra damage.

Yes enemy has buffs and kiril never trigger jinx

Could just be luck, then. A 5% chance is pretty low. It’s even lower chance if you’re stacking blues, from my understanding of how that works with talents.

Feeling disappointed with this game last season also in atlantis summon 2 times x10 summon and cant get good heroes waisting of money

This time only that i know where to complain

In additional complain,i never get bonus draw… Maybe you can see how many times did i summon

@zephyr1 is not a staff member of SG, he/she is a regular player like you and me.

It seems you’ve added another subject to your original thread, in answer to summons:



These are just a few of the multitude of threads regarding Summons :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah,i will never waste money again on summons…i always get 3hero and 1 4 thats so unfair…

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