Talent grid for Zeline mostly voided by her special

Zeline’s wizard class adds 5% chance to do an extra 15% damage for each buff the enemy has but her special removes buffs so, it looks like that will nullify her special talent tree.

His class’ effect would also applies on slashing attacks (defense), tiles (attack) and the extra damage would occour even on her special before removing target’s buffs.


That’s make her even more valuable IMO.


I have noticed that if you use her special to remove buffs you still take damage from riposte. So…

Yep, that’s because her AoE damage is first in the list before she dispells.

Now if you hit that same hero who had riposte with cage burrito, he dispells first then does damage. So cage burrito would not take any damage.


Well, if i had him! So, i think because zeline attacks before she debuffs, then her talent grid isn’t going to be voided.
But, i won’t know for sure for like 2 months. I need one tonic (that she is 4 levels away from needing!) And the next sure tonic is a while away!

Is it confirmed that jinx effect fires before Zeline wipes buffs?
Obviously it should but that doesn’t always mean anything.

Hi @mmniac, beta testers confirmed that works as reported into my quote:

@Kerridoc a possible mege


I wasn’t thinking about timing…my bad. Thanks to those who contributed.

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