Talent grid: Elkanen vs Horghall

I am at a loss. I have Elkanen at 3’70 and Horghall 1st tier. With the talent grid, you have potential to make any hero much stronger so with that being said, should I choose Elkanen or Horghall? Thank you for your thoughts in advance. I know these 2 players have been compared in previous topics but with the new talent grid I wondered if that would change opinions. Thanks!

Horghall makes a great tank. Elkanen is 4* quality…not worth valuable mats.

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I wouldn’t waste emblems on either of them personally. But if you’re F2P or C2P and don’t see any other better greens in your near future, Horghall would probably be the better option as a pure tank.

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Here is my problem. I have evelyn 4th tier. But I also have alasie maxed. That would be 2 rangers in my defense team. This is why I need to trade evelyn for someone else. Unless you think I should keep evelyn and trade alasie which I really do not want to do. And am currently ftp. Help!!!

Either one is fine with their talent.

Elk with extra stats and fast mana makes him an extremely tough tank and with the talent that you can’t do anything about it unless you kill him faster than he can fill up his mana. If you end up with a below average board, he will be immortal.

Horghall is the exact opposite of Elk. Slow and tough with the addition of a minion.

However, chances of the talent firing is not guaranteed but the extra stats is a fixed stats meaning Elk has higher chances of survival compared to Horghall. My conclusion would be Elkanen between the 2.


A max defensive built Horghall Druid would be a beast to have to take down.

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Horghall has more a talent that suits him.

Probably Elkanen can be better in attack, still i can’t help to never suggest him to anyone.

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Elkanen is all about stalling your attackers, Horghall’s special could be scarier and the minions are more useful for Horghall than a mana resist on a fast hero.

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I’d like to thank everyone for your feedback. I have decided to go with Horghall. You all ROCK!

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Elkanen’s class ability to resist mana effects probably won’t be as useful on defense when compared to other clerics like Rigard or Vivica.

Because Viv is holy/yellow the class ability can be very useful because multiple dark heroes that cast negative mana effects. Hel, Proteus, and Merlin come to mind. Rigard being dark can stop people from bringing Chao, Li, Guin or Gretel as a counter.

I can’t even think of one 4* or 5* fire hero that casts negative mana effects

So I think Horghall’s class ability suits him more. Focus on icreasing his defense, he has enough health.

but if I had both Alasie and Evelyn to use on my defense team i’d probably keep them both there but that’s just me.

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There’s Natalya, though the mana reduction isn’t really what Elkanen should fear from her.

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There is also Mitsuko who cuts mana and is a five star. I’ve got her at 4/40 and she is a beast, especially with people who have Isarnia in a corner, Grimm etc

I always take her against green tanks, especially when team includes blue hitters

A little off topic but someone did mention 5 stars with mana effects

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Thanks, I forgot all about her. I also didnt read every comment

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