Talent / Emblem attack/defence +3%

There’s an issue with the +3% talent.

I don’t know if it’s intended or buggy, but the +3% (e.g. ranger’s 10th talent +3% attack) adds the 3% to the Base Attack and not to the attack thus far (in particular +45 attack by previous talents).

This yields a minor (and petty) difference of 1.35 (up to 2, since the total is rounded down) attack.
There are 3 ways this thing would make sense:

  1. If the +3% was the first node in the grid
  2. If the +3% was added to what was accumulated so far (+45 attack or whatever else was gained on different paths)
  3. If the +3% was added AT THE END, therefore to all 7 nodes (assuming all are chosen along the way).

Or am I missing something crucial in the understanding of this issue?

p.s. I looked through the forum and couldn’t find a reference to this.

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This is intended, not a bug. I don’t have a link to a thread showing it though. I agree, it stinks. Is what it is, though.

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Yup as @StephenNap89 said all nodes either on def attack hp are calculated from base stats…
Otherwise they would grow exponentially


Thanks. I was searching for the thread and couldn’t find it.
I don’t think it stinks, I just think the wording should be better to describe it.

By what it says now, it doesn’t mean it. It’s 1-2 points difference, but my math threw me off. Thanks for the answers.

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