Talent Dodge Bug

Is this how dodge works or is this a bug?

So Khiona dodged joons attack, but was still blinded. This makes no sense that when you dodge you still pick up the status effects, DOT, etc. Why would they make it so you only dodge the damage, but still pick up the status?

Makes no sense.

It is working as intended, the hero only dodges the direct attack, but status ailments cannot be dodged, otherwise it would have become too overpowered. Imagine facing the same heroes during your trials, they would be really hard to kill if they dodged everything. Balance is always maintained :slight_smile:

I get that, but if you dodge the Skill, how does the blind or DOT hit you still. Thats not really logical. And btw, they do not dodge tiles, so thats the strategy you would use to kill dodgers. But i suppose it would be to OP. Thanks.

Well, think of it like this. All kind of DoT’s or status ailments are magical attacks, whereas normal damage is dealt by a weapon. Now if you are a fighter who is agile, it would be easy to dodge a weapon reasonably efficiently with enough training. But it would be impossible to dodge a magic attack, unless you have some kind of charm which prevents a particular magic being applied to you, for example some HOTMs who are immune to certain status ailments. :slight_smile:

Yes that makes sense. But in the case of Blind, I see it as a “Joon beam” to the face. Your eyes get fried. Its the 1-2 punch. If I dodge the beam, it misses my eyes, hense no blind. Love the magic reference though. The real question is: 1) Am I blinded by the impact of the beam? or 2) Blind from a separate magic spell casted?

Maybe the heroes are just blinded by the brilliant flash of light even before the beam hits. Frying of eyes might be too much of a permanent damage. :smile:


hahah genius. I get it now! Thanks man for the discussion. I think we figured this out. Good luck in the arena :slight_smile:

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All the best to you too bro :slight_smile:

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