Taking the wrong team to a revenge raid....with surprising results

I was doing a bit of 8-7 farming with a team i was just trying out.
My stronghold was attacked so i revenged the raid.
I forgot to change the farming team.
Which looked like this;

The defending team was 623 team power better, including a much loved hero of the month.

I won the raid… with Wilbur and Gormack still alive.

I do feel for the owner of the team i beat. 623 points better, all 5 stars including a hero of the month. My team had a 3 star gill-ra in it.

So when people complain that raiding is broken or unfair, i can see their point.

I should say it was a fairly normal board, just one combo and an average mix of tiles.

I was just shocked that 623 team power better meant nothing.
I did have 3 lagoon heroes in the team, so that gave a 6% attack boost, and i had used emblems on gill-ra, willbor and gormak, but across the whole fight the 6% bleeding attack from gormak activated once only.

I don’t know what to think of such a crazy result?

Do any of you have a similar winning experience ( not a losing one please, no one likes hearing continuous bad beat stories)


Bring the wrong color stack happens to me all the time. It works out on occasion!

Just happened to me today - took titan team for raid by mistake. Total colors mismatch and my team weaker by about 500, but still I won. But it was really lucky due to favourable board. I guess just 1 out of 5 games I would win if repeated…

My Team 1 is always the heroes I’m leveling. I do this so I can keep them at top. But I’ve had a decent share of forgetting to swap Teams when the game defaults me back to team 1.

One team was all good heroes, but low levels.

Tier 4 Proteus
Tier 4 Wlbur
Tier 3 Sonya
Tier 1 Guin
Tier 1 Zeline

None fully leveled. Took on a 4k team and somehow pulled it off. Wish I had screenshoted.

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I bring my farming team in which is 3 slow AOE hitters, Evelyn, and either Rigard/Sartana depending on farming S1 or S2 and more often than not I win with that team, oddly. Basically as long as Isarnia can fire and another AOE hitter it’s a W for me.

I keep accidentally bringing in my titan team. Like, today it was my blue titan team.

Still won against a fully leveled 4 team. With Kiril and Lianna left.

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I have more than once overcome a 500+ point deficit in wars. I don’t have screen shots, since my goals was literally, ‘just take out the tank with your last flag,’ but in both cases it was a close to fully leveled set of 3* heroes - Hawkmoon level of quality with at most a very small color stack. IIRC my TP was about 2200 each time (a level at which giving up 500 points is substantial). I figured I was probably just very lucky both times.

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You color stacked. That gives you an advantage specially when you stacked red against the tank… Might be your wrong choice but the tiles will still hit harder.

Well done. :slight_smile:
I often do this :slight_smile:

Happens to me at least 3 times a week forget to change the Titan team back and like you if you get that board you win

I’ve been farming with a 3* rainbow team (including my original Bane :smile:). It can be quite painful when I switch to Season 2 Hard and forget to change teams. I did that in Province 12, actually got as far as the boss, then bang bang you’re dead.

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