Taking down good defence teams and help

I’ve found good counters against many common defence teams and have therefore tried to make a difficult one myself. My current defence team is left to right: Zimkitha, Ursena, Guinevere, Kingston, Seshat. The team does well. I rarely drop below 2500 cups, but I’m a bit surprised How often people take me out. Three questions:

  1. Which team would you use against this defence?
  2. Can I improve my defence team? My maxed 5*s in addition to the mentioned 5 are: Vivica, Joon, Anzogh, Hatter, Alice, Isarnia, Misandra and Khiona (Marjana aproaching). Maybe Alice? Which order would you recommend
  3. I have 5 mysterious tonics. Would Tarlak deserve acsension? (only available alternative would be Margareth). My alliance fight 9* titans and an occasional 10*. I use Miki 3/70 or Emblemed Wu Kong, so titan-need is not desperate - but I think maybe Tarlak would be useful in green-stack raids and thus worth ascending? Or should I wait for something better?

I get lazy and just use the same team to fill raid chests, it gets the job done.

Proteus +7 - Rigard +14 - Jabberwock - Kingston - Tarlak

Your defense team will never gain cups. You will always lose. Attacking teams can stack against whatever you put there so it won’t matter.

You want to make a defense to sustain cups. Which right now it sounds like is around 2500. Maybe a tweak and you would stay around 2550 or so but after 2400 it really doesn’t matter much.


I would use a purple stack…

Probably Proteus Sabina Rigard Domitia Sartana

As long as I got four or five purple tiles in the first three moves, I’ve got a good chance of a win. I’d then charge everyone and freeze one flank and snipe the other.

I think Alice hits harder than Kingston so maybe I’d drop her in, but I don’t know if the secondary effects synergise particularly.

Nice roster

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If I were you, I’d change the order of the defence team to Seshat-Zimkitha-Guin-Ursena-Kingston.

Seshat dispels so she should fire first so as to remove buffs, such as riposte, from the attacker.
Zimkitha should fire earlier in the battle so she should be a flank.


I would try the following defense:
Kingston, zimkita, guin, Ursena, Alice

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