Take the P2W out of challenge events

I would hope they would strip down the unfarmable rewards for the tiers to compensate. If they removed guaranteed unfarmables in exchange for a chance at unfarmables, that would be a horrible change.

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And if emblems would be removed from event’s rewards or be gated under top something % we would assist to massive outrage and riots.

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I am a little late to this thread, lots of things to consider and think about.

First directly addressing the OP points.
1 While I agree that limitless replays are not a good idea a player must at minimum have the ability to complete the stages, tier 10 on rare for example is hard for even a good number of middle tier, maxed 3* and some 4*, heroes players. If you remove their ability to get the tier completion rewards I feel that it is not reasonable.

2 Removal of the flee button may be a good compromise, but at the same time if someone gets a bad board, regardless of skill level, they might become angry with SG. While this may appear subjective there is a cost to players becoming fed up with bad boards so SG would need to balance potential losses from player dissatisfaction with the potential revenue that is gained from the number of world flasks other players use.

Ultimately number 2 is a nightmare to calculate from both an economical and psychological perspective. In other words not good for business from SG’S view.

Now for my personal ideas of pros and cons regarding one or two other ideas from this thread.

Limit number of replays (AFTER) someone has at least completed the stage. This is a reasonable compromise that would allow players to choose if they retry for a certain score and still make it possible to get the still present loot from tier completion rewards.

Pros: Allows for player choice, but also promotion of the puzzle aspect of this game
Keeps the ability for players who lose out on tier rewards a chance to get them which should keep players happier.

Cons: Big spenders (P2P) may not buy as many flasks for WE which may be a more significant problem from SG’S perspective than we as players are aware.
May limit players who are participating for the completion reward from buying any new WE flasks.

On balance I believe a reasonable amount of retries allowed after the completion of a world stage is acceptable.

Next point that I feel needs to be addressed. The same names of the same top 10 almost every event. The players here have earned those spots, some spend some don’t, but it is clear they have at least a far deeper understanding of the events than myself and they have likely put in far more time and effort than I for those slots, they deserve them.

Pros: Different names may motivate other players to participate more.

Cons: Top players are still likely to remain if they are able to play as well as the time and effort they use.
Top players in events have just as much right as anybody to use WE flasks, but if they use them more efficiently for events then it is improper to punish them for using them under the current system.

Slight caveat to this, if SG does choose to limit reruns this second con is no longer applicable.

Final Point that I would like to weigh in on.
Removal of tier completion rewards in favor of a more random raid tournament style reward. Please no, tier completion rewards are what largely motivates me, and several of my alliance, to stay active in events I suspect, though cannot confirm, that this is true for a good number of alliances.

Pros for removal: May cause players to allocate WE differently which may result in farming of more battle items which might, in the very long term, give people ways to figure out using axes and arrows over carpet bombing.

Cons for removal: Long run fewer players are likely to participate in events overall unless rewards are worth it, again subjective loot and perception versus objective known loot from a tier completion,
Short run cons: Player reaction which may drive some of the playerbase away, some permanent some temporary,
Players who choose to stay may turn to these forums to complain and many of us are fed up with seeing complaints on this forum. This may have a long term effect on forum health and atmosphere too.

My opinion overall: I cannot vote yes for this feature as presented by the OP. I do feel that refinement of the proposal may be in order and I am open to new ideas regarding the same.

TlDR: I think this is a complex issue which needs refinement and discussion, there is room for reasonable compromise between this thread and some points, but without access to numbers that are both subjective and objective the call for this change must remain in SG’S hands, but with input from the players.

Good luck in future events everyone.


Thanks for the well thought out response.

I, in no way, wish to punish anyone for their success. To compete for the top spots involves purchasing WE flasks and consistently fleeing within the first several moves of the first board until you get the start you need. This is merely a way of using $$$ and time to subvert the RNG aspect.

I don’t think there is a fair way to achieve my goal of making these events more inclusive and achievable to those with less money to spend. There is also a lot to be said for the effort put in to achieve top 10.

I feel a decent compromise would be to keep all of the mechanics the same, but add a secondary leaderboard. That leaderboard would be top score achieved without replays. The rewards should not be anywhere close to what is gained by the top 10 now.


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Only thing I’d change about the current mode is have a top 1, top 10, rest % based tiers like the raid tournament as another poster suggested.

After that you leave it the same and make a second mode / leader board that doesn’t use WE but has it’s own form of energy (like the raid tournament or War) that regenerates every day the event is active. Since everyone has the same amount of energy overall there’s no unfair P2W advantage. To go along with this secondary mode items would also be disabled for it. Loot would be much much worse but obviously that’s to be expected.

This makes it as fair as possible to all players without hurting the original challenge event. Of course it’s not likely to happen because SG makes zero money off this kind of idea, but it would be good for the game.