Take the P2W out of challenge events

I placed 10th this time around in rare.

After my first time around I was about 300th. I wanted to push into the top 100 and ended up being 17th. So I figured I’d try for top 10.

All in all I think I used about 21 flasks and 900 gems. I managed to hold onto number 10. Definately not worth the resources and stress I put into it.

I certainly couldn’t afford to do it every month.

I seriously like the idea of the three retries and you’re done. It truly is fair to all members who play to win. And who isn’t in this to win.

I understand that those with the abundance of money spent on this game to acquire the loot will be frustrated. However, what is the point of winning if you’re not winning per se but buying the win.

I am a pay-to-play member. But I don’t so much compete to be in the top 100 as I do just to complete the tiers. And I do limit myself to three tries is per level. Now I’m curious if everyone was limited to three where I would land on the competitive scoreboard.

Who knows?

I do know a lot of peoples completing top100 without spending anything. You just need some experience. The top tanks became to expensive but I still love the challenges.

Eliminating the option to retry a level will also affect those that don’t manage to win any particular stage. You need to win to get to the next stage, so if you lose once you’re out and that will affect a lot. Or you manage to get to stage 1p with heavy item use and lose and you won’t even get the completion reward…

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I think the suggestion was to limit the retries after completing a stage. I do think the current system is skewed too far towards pay to win. I do think the best players should win and get the best loot. I’m not convinced that’s what happens today. I think it would be reasonable to balance this somewhat. Perhaps 3 retries after completing a stage is too few, maybe 5? That would still provide incentive to try to boost your score while eliminating the --got a bad board, flee - retry scenario until I get the perfect board and come closer to rewarding players based upon performance, not just dollars.


If you take away someone’s ability to replay the stages, all you’re doing is changing the word “event” to “lottery.” You’ll put everyone at the mercy of one board? Awful idea. And selfish. If you want to see a different name at the top of the leaderboard, earn yourself a spot up there.

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Why not just add a penalty for items? The higher the item, the greater the penalty. For example it deducts more points for dragon bombs than mana pots. This way those who want to spend money doing a ton of retries can or those that need more than once to complete a stage at all aren’t excluded.

This would take out the “farming for boards” technique with items and make it so the score actually represents your heroes, speed and match average. It also doesn’t make it so lower level players can’t finish all stages by completely excluding items.

Would need to be tested in beta and discussed on the forums to work out the right balance for the penalty of each item.

10 total retries for an entire path is too high? That’s one retry per level on average. Seems perfectly fine to me.


10 retries fir an entire (each) group is more than acceptable as you said @Garanwyn as this provides at least 1 chance per level to improve your score and if can’t a better score with that then there really isn’t any point in spending anymore because you never will.

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I don’t see the point of taking out p2w elements to put more rng instead. ok p2w isnt very challenging but rng… Im f2p and only pushing for top 10 in rare and the most p2w limiting factor no one is actually talking about is champion pool. (And lumber. More lumber. pls) you cant compete in Epic and Legendary challenge without some specific Heroes that arent obtainable for f2p or even c2p. Only 1 retry per level would definetly make the challenge just rng. Give us more way to get limited Access heroes and more way to get flasks (and lumber, WE need moaaaar lumber ) and voila, challenges would be more accessible for f2p

Just delete the flee button.

I’m a F2P, i had 35 flasks for this event and i’m a really patient person, but after some flasks there’s no way you would go until the end everytime on a bad board.

And i sadly discovered that my phone can’t keep up with Wilbur animation and a huge cascade, it go all laggy and miss the button i press soon after, so you need a good phone too to compete for higher spots.

Retries is a really bad idea especially if you cap it so low, lives would be better as it allows a lot of attempts but stops fleeing and would probably limit the mono stacking quiet a lot

any change would be helpful to be honest. I do enjoy spending some cash on this game, but i can’t imagine how much it would cost to actually place well in this game, let alone all the farmables that would have to be farmed to make all the items required to carpet bomb the bosses. Which brings to light the other problem with events, the cost of items. Can easily go through dozens upon dozens of bomb attacks/mana pots which all consume midnight roots, and those are not that easy to come by in bulk. Almost need to save up all mats for a year and just make a big run at 1 event per year if you aren’t spending alot of cash. and thats IF you get lucky in the RNG. I may be off on my thinking, but i think there should be a penalty for using items. That could shake things up a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I think taking away the flee button would just make the challenge more annoying and even more Time consuming. And taking items away would make the challenges even more board reliant. Really, i dont understand the mentality around changing events for the sake of changing them. I dont think less options to score points would make for better challenges.

i don’t think that carpet bombing a stage is really “puzzling”, so although relying on the board may be more RNG, it still keeps the spirit of the whole “puzzle” half alive.

I think I’d just divide the main loot in a 1%/1-5%/5-20%/25-50%/51-100% tier system. There should still be extra prizes for the people who want to compete for the first thousand places or so. (Maybe some truly exclusive avatars – if you’re really the only person [or one of ten/a hundred/a thousand] in the game with that avatar, that would be a reason to fight for it, I think. Maybe even with a date inscribed on the avatar. Even more than a free hero that you probably got from the summons because you’re likely spending if you get that high in the tournament.)

I think that any system you try to make to “force” the P2W people to lose is either going to be too random, will be gamed in some other way, or will chase away players who would otherwise be supporting this game for the rest of us.

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Going to necro this as it has been newly brought to my attention again(so maybe renewly?)

Personally as far as the rewards are concerned @TheChef , i think top 10 and #1 dont deserve to be roped into tiers of the rest

I think a good compromise would be to reward #1 and top 10 as they do now, then tier the rewards into tourney style %s after that

I don’t rank top 10(never have) but if i did, i think i would prefer to know the rewards I’m getting along with the recognition without being just another % and paying for more RNG rewards. The cost of top 100 and top 10 have a pretty significant price difference from my understanding

Lol, this topic is brought to everyone’s attention every month when someone complaints about not being able to compete for the top tier rewards…

But yeah, #1 and #2-10 should be in a tier of their own.

You guys do realize that, knowing SG, IF they implement a % tier system, they will most likely take away the completion reward…

That seems both unlikely and unwise, since events are one of the few guaranteed sources of unfarmables.


Yeah, but if they introduce that system a much larger % will get unfarmables.

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