Take the P2W out of challenge events

Want the challenge event rewards to be more attainable? Tired of seeing the same names in the top 10?

My idea to shake up the challenge event leaderboards is as follows :

  1. Once you finish a stage, you cannot replay it for a better score.

  2. Take away the flee button.

I cannot see a way to prevent people from losing a stage on purpose (hence a “virtual replay”) other than making it no replays win or lose. This would be unfair to those who struggle to gain the completion bonuses and need multiple attempts to finish the later stages. Taking away the flee button would at least make the “virtual replay” consume more time thus lowering the number of replays attained in this way.

I’m glad you presented this idea from the other thread! I am not sure if a change to the current challenge event would happen, but I would also be happy to see a new type of event with those rules implemented.


What if they implement the %tier reward in the challenge event? You would see the same names at the top, but a lot more players would get better rewards.


I had considered that as well. The reason I chose this scenario is to keep the competitive “king of the hill” feeling of the event. Being in the top 10 loses it’s luster when you get the same rewards as 20,000 other people.


But it’s a challenge event, not a tournament. I agree that something needs to change, but not allowing replays would F up a lot of people and not just the once you see on the leaderboard


Can you expand on what / how it would impact?

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I think you are missing the point that these people have VERY strong heroes that they have spent time, money, and tons of resources lvling. All of that plus the INSANE amount of retries and items to land in the top 10 is what it takes. So the only p2w factor is the 100 gems to refill world energy. Maybe “event energy” could be implemented in some type of way allowing for completion of the event and (X) amount of replays per level.

I am tired of seeing the same names at the top but not because i am jealous - it’s because once they have all of the coveted ascension items, they quit (we’ll miss you @Dator @Uclapack). Something needs to be done but I am not sure what exactly.


I’m unsure as to how it would mess anyone up. No retries = leveler playing field. How is this bad?

I understand that point of view as well…that’s one of the main reasons to get stronger teams after all…to do better in events and get better loot.

Event energy is an interesting idea. Or as mentioned before, an entirely separate event…sort of a quick-draw shoot-out one attempt per stage fpr everyone…….lots of options for sure.

I also like the % tiers instead of places.


Many people use retries to get up just to lower tier awards. Basically, if you have an awful board on one level, you’d be stuck with it forever without some degree of retries.

So META would shift to heavy tornado stacking and suchlike instead of world energy rebuys.

I’m in favor of something changing, but I don’t want a complete RNGfest either. Maybe 10 total retries per path? 20? But something higher than 0 seems like a good idea.


3 sounds fair to me. Although being the events are all same mobs/bosses… How hard would it be to have a set of “level playing field boards” that are the same for EVERYONE. Your tile choices determine outcome not RNG… then there could be actual skill involved rather than the current flee/reroll “strategy” ? I use strategy loosely as I don’t see any skill in fleeing then rerolling thereby relying on nothing but luck and money.

This after all is called Empires and PUZZLES. Not Empires and RNG/luck.


If the boards were the exact same, it would be really unfair to people who didn’t happen to be strong in a particular color in their roster. Also, it would be exploited like so:

  1. I pathfind the event on my alt, recording each board as I go.

  2. I analyze the boards, then optimize my team selection and battle items on my main account for the boards I’m about to get. I could focus battle item building efforts to produce what I needed too.


Yeah. 10 in a million people have that kind of motivation… Gimme a break. Sounds like an excuse to keep p2w at the top to me.

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How many people need to do that in order to fully lock the rest of us out of the top slots?

You’ll note I’ve advocated for a very significant change. I’m not sure why you’re choosing to characterize my concerns about your proposal as an “excuse” for anything…

Incidentally, P2W people are the only ones who have the rosters and resources to run the exploit I just described.

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How is this any differemt than if I bring a strong roster and I get a useless board.

Who has this kind of time?

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Before you can change something, you must decide why you want it changed.

The complaint for the Tourney seems to be too much RNG and the complaint for the Challenge event seems to be too little RNG.

But the root of both complaints is the difference between bottom tier rewards and top tier rewards.

I see no solution that addresses the root cause.

While I detest the Challenge event rewards from a personal point of view ( one too many eBay auctions sniped from me ), I liked the fact players could try as much as they wanted ( removing RNG to a large degree) and money spent on it supportes the F2P features like Titans and War ( one of SGG goal when they created Empires).

I am worried about the current RNG heavy version Tourney but that is another discussion.


If people can spend 100+ flask on event they absolutely can found time for recording and watching their event moves
for top1


If they have 0 retries kind of solves that doesnt it?


I am Ragan and I am currently 1st on Rare and I am really not a P2W I only buy the small event offers and this time I didn’t use my gems to use flasks though. I know that there are a lot players buying those flask but I wanna show that it is possible without them. I know your frustration it’s hard for me to compete with this guys cause I know they will pass me just because they play more. But that’s just game it’s P2W and that’s normal otherwise this game won’t exist anymore.
But I get your frustration and that’s also normal.
Keep up!

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This is not discussed NEARLY enough. What exactly is the “puzzle” part about this game?



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