Take my money


Holy crap that’s a lot of Merlins.


they didnt fit in 1 ss i got like 45 of him but fed them to each other


Sounds like a joke. I’ve spent a total of $800 CDN and can say I have more than enough heroes to be competitive once I max all of them. Quit trying to run after the next glorified hero and start using strategy instead for defense. You can make some sweet defenses that the enemy will barely be able to take down and it won’t require Guin. Btw, she will fall just like any other hero if you stack purple. No questions about that. I’m doing raids by using monochrome stacked teams of lets say 3200 team power and taking out team power defenders of 4200 lol. Stop giving Small Giant what they want…emotional spending. Set a small limit and don’t go above it. I’ve gotten to about 25 pulls for this event and will say that’s enough. I’ve gotten many merlins and lancelots last time it came around so don’t care to get them now, but no 5* event heroes…only got Marjana double and Drake.


JFC 20 characters…


$800 in 9 months of playtime total. If anyone is confused by what I wrote above.


Casino have to post return rates…these money lifters do not


Indian Gaming Casinos in California do not.


This is another post of unhappy people, the p2w thread and event summons megathread are just examples of this.
We say lots on here, but we must talk with our wallets.
I intend to from now on.
I use to defend summoning as you can get good heroes during events with 10 pulls. No longer.
The only thing keeping me playing is the people I’ve got to in the ally, if it wasn’t for them I would be gone.
But myself and others like me would be idiots to think sg cares about it’s long term player base


You have to take out a loan, a mortgage, student loan, give blood, give a kidney just for a 2* player :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


nuhahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmao


do anyone know if the developers or administrators or the moderators of the game actually pay attention to what the customers are saying on this form


Yes they do.

Moderators moderate.
Admins administrate.
Developers develop.

If the developers choose to act upon our wishes or not, that varies.

Some suggested changes have been implemented.

Some suggested changes have gotten partially/ishly implemented.

Some suggestions have been ignored. Most likely because their business model and game (no matter how expensive and unfair it feels) still apparently works very well.


I’m sure this not the first time someone have brought up the fact that they spend x amount of dollars and still getting low rank players. But I’m sure that’s something that has to be addressed from the developers and the administrators and moderators. People spending $100 to $1, 200 and only getting 3 star players maybe one or two 4, 5 or 6 stars…something’s wrong. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something. I still say to get those four five and 6 ranked players that happens between 12 midnight and 6 a. M. That’s been my experience most of my high-ranking players I got late at night past midnight I think I got one late in the evening time during the week but that’s about it.


Our moderators are just volunteers that serve the community and try to keep the peace. They aren’t paid staff.


There’s no such thing as a 6* hero. They don’t exist


But in which time zone :thinking:


LOL I was just speaking in general


I’m in the Eastern Standard time zone :laughing:


A lot of people were gunning for Guin. Now they are all quitting because they didn’t get her. I don’t get the allure of her. I raid with single color teams. I look at the tank and choose my team. I see Guin I run 5 purples. Wipes her out instantly. I had her and never ascended her past 2/60. I have to laugh at all the drama of not getting her. King Arthur is the best 5 from the event.


When fighting teams with her as the tank, are all your Dark/Purple heroes also 5 :star: or are you able to take her down with a mixture of different levels?