Take my money

Can you please take all the 3/4 star heroes i got from the 600$$ i used today and give me 1 freaking hero for that 600$, i wanted Guinevere and i got everything else but not her! this is bs there should be a bad luck bar that counts how many times you tried or you guys just want people to spend spend spend.

and before someone tell me to stop spending, she is the freaking best center in the game if im not getting her this time with all the money i spent im going to quit totally not only stop spending!! this is unbelievable!

last event 650 summons to get g-panther and now even more or what ? is it the more you spend the more 3 star you get ?!


What you are asking is a Hearthstone-like system where to “disenchant” heroes into “dust” (we could use other terms here, like descension and hero points) and once you got enough points you’ll be able to “craft” (summon) the hero you want, with different cost.

On Heatrhstone you could disenchant x4 card and craft x1 card with the same rarity or so:

  • to craft x1 legendary card you need to disenchant:
    • x4 legendary or
    • x16 epic or
    • x80 rare or
    • x320 common

You could try to propose it to the request thread but I doubt that this would follow SGG’s business model :man_shrugging:


im ok with any 5* hero after a fixed amount of fails to get any, and as its an event summon with increased chance to get event heroes i dont see where is that extra chance ? and to advertise the whole summon option with Guinevere photo and say increased chance to get her but after 600 $ you get everything else but her ? ! what kind of business model is that, im super upset right now :@

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Stop spending money and maybe they’ll get the point, what you’re doing is exactly what they want, if you’re not happy don’t spend anymore on the game


i wont spend any more or play tbh i lost interest in the game after i was so addicted to it and defending it, i dont care any more.


i totally understand that but spending those kinds of money validates SG’s business model, if people are mad spending money should be the last thing they do, just my opinion anyway


well, i am another one who stoped spending for good, im not going to wait s2 cuz im sure it will be worst.

im sure they dont care about 1 person but im sure many will follow, ingame chat is exploded with unsatisfied players, if this is the odds for spenders i cant even imagin how F2P players feel, this game is losing players insanely fast now i will just move to another game and spend the money where the dev actually care and lesn to their players to deserve that money


F2P players may feel vindicated, yet again having more evidence this is not a P2W game? :]

(sorry you didn’t get what you wanted, though)

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every game in the world is p2w, everything in the world actually is pay to win but when it become play and get nothing, pay and get nothing… then something is not right or fair for everyone.


Now the quest is: 600 dollars??? For a game???

After that: sorry, bad lucky even for me, 2900 gems (1 x10 ed 1 single) to get a caedmon and a sabina… All the rest, 3*…


oh believe me there is many who spend more than me, it depends how much you welling to spend a month, but for more im not going to waste time or money on this game any more



You are joking, right?
So far, you have been saying over and over that everything in this game is just a-ok, hunky dory, wonderful, right and absolutely the cat’s pajamas.

And now this thread? Naaawww :wink:

Oh, by the way, I got guin today :hugs:
And she was not even very expensive.
Just the right hero to guard my keep while this retiree sits comfortably in her rocking chair :hugs:


i didnt say the game is ok i was upset of the tone the people used toward the admins and each other and i said the game need changes but thats not the way to express it, and im still not attacking anyone here im just mad of how the whole system of the game is coded and decided to not spend or play any more.

and as far as i remember you where asking if you should get the same hero im talking about and i told you personally i will get her but thats my choice remember ?


Same situation in my alliance, people are so angry with the way things have gone in the game, they just want to stop playing it.

How’s that for entertaining your customers.


i cant blame them man this is became so annoying, and i really started to feel that the more you spend the more “unlucky” you get, when i started playing i got my 1st 5 start with my 1st X10 pull, then after 30 pulls i got my 2nd with 2 HOTM and then it started to get worst and worst, till last event 650 pulls to get g-panther and this event 600 usd and no event 5* hero, maybe next event i need to sell my car i donno :smiley:


You can’t be dissapointed if you don’t spend money. You may get bored… but the negative far outway the positive with the hero summons. For every one lucky guy who got what he wanted there are 10 or 100 who didnt.

everyone is saying this game is P2W but from what I see, I think it’s P2L.
(Pay 2 Lose).

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this is not about luck any more my friend, something is not right going on that we are not aware of, im a coder my self and i know the odds even if you got 1% chance to get something, after a 1000 trys you get it, unless the coder added something like if
$var <= 1
if $random_item_2 <= 1
AddPlayerInfo( -1, “item”, 1603, 1 )
$var1 = $var + 1
SetGlobalVar(502 , $var1 )
if $var > 1
AddPlayerInfo( -1, “item”, 2387, 1 )

i donno if you are a coder but in short if a player got lucky his var change to +1 and when he get lucky again system check if the var is 1 or more it just jump to the next item which mostly is crapy one,

sorry for the geek language im just giving example how you can be cheated and people call it luck


You can say it’s unfair but you’re part of the reason the system is unfair.

Because SG know some players will throw their wallets at heroes like Guin one month after throwing their wallet at panther.

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Who are you in game?

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