☠ Take it to the next level with The Misfits of Death. (new players, frustrated souls and season veterans desired)

The Misfits of Death is an alliance created by a small band of misfits wanting to continue to grow and take it to the next level. New players, those looking for a home and seasoned players welcomed. Only requirements as of now is actively attack titans, precipitate in wars if you opt in and stay active. Ask questions and share your knowledge.


We are also on Line app for those that enjoy the Comradery but is not a requirement


interested with a merger with Screwballz Two?
check our current lineup out through in-game search

pretty much in the same boat as you guys, we 7/30
your 9 would take us both past the half way mark

lets go fresh together :stuck_out_tongue:
and work towards those higher Titan battles

Thanks for the offer on the merger but wanting to keep our new alliance going. Good luck and see you on the battle field


thing is we don’t have to compete for new members by merging together
then we’ll only have to look for 7-8 to fill out

Screwballz Two was created like 2 days ago
so we still fresh on Titans, at 2*'s atm
about to be in our first War battle too

I think merging is the best way to build a core due to the amount of vacancies in the alliance market right now

besides, we can reform guild to whatever caters to our needs
like name changes, co-leads, and so forth

let me know if you are interested or not
thanks man :smiley:

Thanks again for the offer but we will forge ahead and good luck. Merging is not something we are interested in. If you ever get tired of recruiting keep us in mind.

sounds good
thank you

No worries…

Novice and new comers welcomed. We are very competitive and eager to take over the world.

Don’t die a hero…become a GOD with The Misfits of Death.

Since starting our alliance we are 3-0 in war and 9-0 against titans. We were frustrated in our last alliance and lucky to win two in a row with both. SO NOW WE HAVE HEART AND WANT TO KICK SOME ■■■!!! Join us, you won’t regret it.

Frustrated that your alliance isn’t getting it done?!? New to the game and not sure where to go and want to start taking those titans down. Come grow with the Misfits of Death or what we like to call ourselves these days MoD. We are a band of Misfits just like you, taking it to the next level. Come join us while you still can, we WILL be taking over the world, hee hee hee.

Great Alliance! Cool, laid back members. If you don’t have an Alliance come give us a try.

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If you are looking for an alliance that works as team and acts like a family come join us.

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Hi wey are a married couple that loves this game. We are an active and adictive players that are locking for a new guild. Could wey join yours?

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By all means yes. We have a couple that play together as well. We are open so come on in and give us a try.

And welcome to the Misfits

How we could join. Would u like to see our info?

Search the Misfits of Death under alliances in the game

Click view and it should give you the option to join

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