Tahir’s Bleed Damage vs Tyr’s Bleed Damage

Hello guys,
I am not sure whether its intended or not, but i was experimenting with my new shiny Tahir and decided to use it with Tyr.

Case #1
As you know Tyr’s bleed damage stacks with other bleed damages, so first i fired Tahir and later i fired Tyr.

I saw 2 different bleed damage on target with the same icon. Tyr’s bleed did not stack on the same kind of DoT damage. Here is the screen shot.

Case #2
As we all know, DoT damages increase with base attack stats. But Tahir’s does not. My not fully ascended Tahir (3/68) has the same DoT damage with the one shown on portal. While again, one of my Tyr has more damage than other Tyr due to difference in emblems. Again here is the screenshot.

Comparison of Tahir:

Comparison of Tyr

Hope i managed to convey my thoughts here :slight_smile:


I’m not sure you can call the first one a bug. Both bleed damages are applied so they do ‘stack’ in the sense that one of them does not override the other. They are not combined into a single instance but both effects still seem to damage the target.
Although having 2 separate ailments instead of a single one might matter in fringe cases (e.g. Lady Loki), so if Tyr’s bleed stacks in a different matter with other bleed effects (e.g. Barbarian) then this could be classified as a bug.

Regarding the scaling -does the dot increase with troops?

Edit- no it doesn’t. This dot is fixed unlike any other dot in the game… bug???

AFAIK there is no written rule that states that DoT must scale with +attack, it’s just how it’s always been with any other hero. Probably a bug but technically could be as intended.


Leonidas dropped there a bleed damage;

Tyr’s Bleed stacked with it;

Tahir’s Bleed did not overwrite the Leonidas’s Bleeding;

I dont have any idea whether this is a bug or not :rofl:

No, some other DoT do not scale with attack, one example I have in mind is Gnomer’s bleed DoT but that might be the only one. No one reported a bug for that one. But most DoTs scale with attack indeed.
Either way, I think that’s why they stack because they are three types of bleeding damages in the game:

  • the fixed-damage one (it still scales with the SS’s level though),
  • the scalable one (by attack + SS’s level),
  • and the talent one (barbarian; scales with the tiles damage).

and when you think you sorted all out, i thought every DoT is scaled based on attack stat/troop/ and deff team bonus, why can’t they stay loial to a fixed mechanism, what make’s Tahir’s and Gnomer’s bleed different from the other?
This was later found to be only in forum’s text, the hero cards now say the same thing:
Not to mention that they don’t have even the same description:

  • If the target still alive, the nearby enemies get 336 Bleed damage for 3 turns.
  • The target receives 140 Bleed damage over 2 turns.

What is the difference between “over 3 turns” and “for 3 turns”?
The same? Or “over 3 turns” means 336/3=112dmg each turn, while “for 3 turns” means 336*3=1008dmg? Or the other way around?
And I agree… all DoT should scale, no exceptions like this.

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and if there is no difference why did they use different wording?

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I have checked Gnomer, Tahir and Tyr’s cards and all of them say “over X turns”. So they mean all the same. I think only here we have a different wording.

my bad sorry don’t have all the cards, just from here :sweat_smile:

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I only have Gnomer :D, but I checked Tahir and Tyr in Valhalla portal. No, I’m not that lucky to have them both! :grin:

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ok but still someone should clear this once and for all

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I agree, especially that scaling thing… Let’s wait for some explanation, why Tahir’s bleed won’t scale and it is a fixed number.

@ferg maybe you can try this? read you in one post and you seemed ace in this matter

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The only explanation I have is that it’s a design decision i.e. it’s the way it’s implemented and not sure we can qualify this as a bug but we can ask @Petri to forward the issue to the team.

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I think Petri is in holyday

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You’re right, maybe @Saanzi instead then?


Yes, he will be back on August 16th.


Sorry no idea :laughing:

I also just realized that gnomer doesn’t depend on attack stats, have him, but never used him…
So maybe it is a design choice with gnomer and Tahir or its a bug and no one complained till now, we will have to wait for stuff to get a final answer.

What I find more interesting is the stack thing. (Nearly) All the other bleed dots mention explicitly that the bleed damage stacks with similar dots, may it be talents or special skill.

So far we have two expectations, both miss the part that they stack and both doesn’t scale with rising atk stats.

So interesting, those two are different from all the other bleed heroes.

We have seen Tahir together with bleed damage, which doesn’t “stack” with similar effects, but also doesn’t overwrite them like every other effect would do, so it’s still some kind of stacking although through the backdoor.

And now with gnomer it’s the same (never recognized it)

Gnomer is one symbol

Every other bleed damage is a new symbol, they don’t stack, but they also don’t overwrite each other.

Every other new bleed damage stacks normal with the other stackable bleed damage.

So it seems there is a problem with gnomer and Tahir. The part that they don’t scale with attack could be by design or an error.

The part with the stacking seems to be definitely a bug. Either they shouldn’t stack like the card says, but than they should overwrite the other bleed damage and not pseudo stack.
Or they should stack, than it should be written on the card and they should really stack, 1 symbol/higher total damage.