Tag Heros in Forum Posts

I have an idea for our community forum that might be useful:

It would be nice if we could tag heroes within a comment so that you could click on the mention to see their full stats and art work. There are a lot of heroes, and a lot of stats and often times I have to stop reading to go research a hero before I read on. This would streamline all that reading.

Say yeah if you agree!

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Yeah, that would be great.

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I moved this to the Ideas forum, since that’s what I think it is, and I also voted for it, since I think it’s a great idea! It would also ensure we get an up to date image / stats, as, if I want to post about a hero I don’t actually have, google image often shows me old versions.


Great idea. I voted for it.

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Voted! Great idea! 20 char…

Love this idea.

20 obscure hero cards

Like it, +1 for using your noggin, lol

I’ve been thinking about this off and on since it was posted, and there’s a slightly hacky way it could be done without an insane amount of effort if we could collect a screenshot of every hero card.

Here’s an example of what I have in mind:


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20 laife cards.

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Had a feeling it could be done and wrote it in but removed that part of the comment.

@zephyr1 Or would they be better coming from direct original images.

I think we can collect screenshots from players and online/already on the Forum. I doubt I’d succeed in getting “official” card images from Staff in as timely a fashion as we’d get them from players.

Classes create an interesting problem, since we’ll want screenshots at max and not beyond +1, which would change stats. For any hero in a Summoning Portal, that’s easy, so it’ll be the Seasonal and Challenge Event heroes that most need to be tracked down.

Everything else could be screenshotted now or this weekend, while the Atlantis Portal is up.


Doesn’t titanmafia.com have all the hero cards? @Razor


You would need to create a new hero only thread which can’t be commented in by others, place every hero in the thread which would provide an individual link to each hero and then make each one linkable via a tag # as you done. Not allowing comments would keep that thread clean to work with.

When called upon like #quintus that heros post pops up.

@Rigs WOW, that’s quite a nice site, why isn’t this more easly known about and accessible.

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Not to be a smartass, but it’s actually because people just don’t pay attention lol it gets talked about quite a bit on the forum


As does 7 days departed website (not sure if it is updated with current buffs, but all current heroes are there) and @Kamikaze_Assassin class spreadsheet has all the hero cards embedded in it - not sure what the source is.


Yep, Razor posts on the forums regularly with links back to his site (he runs the titan mafia site), and I’ve linked back to it many times as well.

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btw - cool idea. 20 likes.

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Thanks, well I have never noticed it or paid attention to it based on not knowing what it was.
Now joined.



Can forum owners add smilies? Another way would be to add a mini image emoji per hero and hopefully have it auto link somewhere or have info on popup? Don’t know what this forum system let’s them get away with…

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