Tabards to Seshat or Ursena?

I have Seshat at 3.70. Just pulled Ursena. I don’t have any other 5*s maxed except Thorne and Lianna (soon to be). I also have Justice at 1.1. Ursena can make a great tank. Do you recommend maxxing Seshat or Ursena?

I think Seshat is better and more useful than Ursena

It depends on your roster. What do your snipers and purples look like?

Ursena would make a great tank. But it’s kinda hard to know for sure without knowing what you are wanting them for.

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I have Leanna which I am about to ascend to fourth tier, Thorne in fourth tier, Hansel, Lancelot, Triton, Jackal, and that’s it. The rest are healers and AOE, and I am not including 3*s

I have Justice at 1.1 and will have the full mats for her soon so I can use Justice as tank. I am thinking of placing Justice as tank and Ursena and Seshat as flanks. I only have tabards for one purple for now though

In my personal opinion and based off of my raid experience. Ursena would a better tank then Justice. But again that’s just my 2 cents. I dont have any of them and my opinion is strictly based off my experiences in raids.

Personally based on your comments of having a small roster and having both myself so knowing which is more usful I would do Seshat first as she is far more versatile than Uresna.

She can also be used as a tank until you get a better tank but she is better of in flank position overall.

Ursena can make a create tank but her stats are more going against holy opponents so her specials would benefit you greatly over all. Ursena at 3/70 is still quite useful and can be there for a while to come so there is no great rush for her at this point.
Throne in my opinion with your roster would make a better worthy tank as he his quite formidable there with Seshat in flank. Once Justice is at 3/70 or there abouts replace Throne and use him as second flank as this will encourage opponents to use purple against your tank but at the same time increase the 2 purple flanks mana faster, all goes well they should have full mana by the time Justice dies.
Justice is over rated as a tank and personally I don’t like her there but I do appreciate my opponents who have her there, thank you, lol.

Keep in mind that tanks are usually the first hero opponents target so placing your strongest hero as tank isn’t always the best option where as a flank it will have better chance of increasing mana before it dies and thus become more useful in the long run.


Sorry to go a bit off topic, but I have Boss Wolf at 3.70. Just picked up Ursena and moving her up. Was planning to tank BW and flank with Poseidon and Joon. Should I tank Ursena instead? I have Seshat maxed, so no issues there.

I think my above response would of answered that about Ursena.

Ursena is a better choice than Boss Wolf for many reasons. She is faster, and is also useful in roles outside of tank. Ursena is also a moderate speed attacker that hits everyone about as hard as Quintus! She can be useful in every role, but she shines as a tank. BW is really only good as a tank and he’s not a really good tank.

However, as far as the OP’s question about Ursena vs Seshat: Seshat gets my vote. Fast mana, good damage, spawns minions, and boosts her own (and all dark) mana speed… Seshat is just great all around. She can serve as a tank in raid defense as well as a sniper in offensive roles. And don’t discount the damage her minions can add, or how quickly they can stack. In the end, either one is a good hero. I think Seshat is better, but you won’t have much regret if you do choose Ursena.

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I’ve tried tanking with Seshat, and she does decently in that role (am a B grade in current raid tournament, with her flanked by Inari and Li Xiu).

the fast mana speed and minions really make her effective, many times she has taken down 2-3 enemy heroes all by herself as the last hero standing, her minions allow her to take a lot of strong hits

Seshat - lacking in snipers

Ursena - fun use AOE and good tank as well

Also, how did you just pull Ursena? :thinking:

If I were you, I’d max Ursena to use as your tank. Ursena is also a great titan hero. If you added another sniper to your roster, it wouldn’t add as much depth as a sturdy tank/titan hero would.

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I’m on the ursena side too. But I love me my Seshat.

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If your alliance runs purple tanks sometimes (or always), then definitely Ursena. If not, for your level a talented BT is great. And Seshat will help you more in any type of attack, missions or PvP.

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I am hopping aboard the Seshat train. She is quite literally a one woman undead army with her minions.

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Same dilemma here, I choose to pick Ursena first.

For many reasons Ursena has more use than Seshat. She has more impact on Titan, in PVE for clearing trash wave, in raids she’s good both offense and def. Looking for def, she’s also good at tanking or flanck with some specific tank (I have Ares, so an Ursena under Ares buff is like a rampage…)

Btw thanks to her, I bring my team to top 100 worldwide, as she’s relevant against guin def and let drake kills himself.

Of course Sheshat is relevant and a very good heroe but you can keep her to 3/70 and still have good perf from her. Ursena 3/70 and 4/80 is just not the same character…


Wow, this make me more hard to pick to my case, I already have maxed Seshat, and Panther is ongoing to 3.xx (I like her so much), and I will ascend Ursena later because of her use is for luxury tank, and my AW defense tank is red anyway.
But with your Ursena experience, I’m now in dillema.

“Just” - relatively speaking :slightly_smiling_face: I pulled her during the last Atlantis Event.


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