Tabards, darts and scopes, it's time to choose

Current raid defence

I was thinking snow white, Vivica and Sartana. All feedback appreciated.

Holy – Vivica. Give you another 5* healing hero which is always useful.

Dark – Quintus. Different choice but you already have 2x Snipers & a pseudo healer. So I would be recommending a Damage over Area hero (Thoth or Quintus). Now Thoth is just terrible & quintus can be really damaging when he fires off. Great to pair with Costume Rigard & Costume Tiburtus is you got them :slight_smile:

Ice – Personally would go with Magni or Thorne. You got a DoA5 and DoA3 hero in Isarnia & Richard respectively but only the one sniper. So I would personally be looking for a second “point and shoot” hero. Thorne is a highly underrated hero in terms of his damage output. Magni is well respected & a pretty handy sniper.

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Snow White for sure.

I would wait until the next costume event snd Valhalla to choose the other colors. If you pick up Odin, he’s a no brainer

But for now, Snow White is my favorite offensive heroes. She kills so many if you’re right a team loaded with buffs and ailments. I rarely do a raid without her.

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