System update forced upon me

Hi, in the middle of a quest battle the latest update was forced upon me, no option to finish battle was provided. Thus all my energy was wasted plus items spent and I have nothing to show for it. Not impressed at all.

Surely the updates can occur with some mechanism to not kill a batttle mid fight. At least it wasn’t a war fight or a titan battle.

Issue occurred 1am Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time, 25/1/2019

There was an in-game email to all players warning about the update. They said not to be in any quests or battles around the time that it was scheduled for.


exactly. @Garanwyn was faster than me :rofl:
Better check your letter in-box regularly. They announced it early enough.

A simple pop up in game giving a five minute warning can’t be that hard to program surely?

Mail is easily overlooked, an on screen pop up isn’t as easily missed

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Sorry but the big, fat red “1” on the Mailbox is an eyecatcher for me…
Or do you overlook summon gate and chat as well? Same optic.

Same here. I was hitting the Titan, and I was forced to update. When I could go back to game I received “0” hit credit! image image

Definitely not worth arguing about. It’s understandable that the OP is upset that he got kicked out of his quest. But there was an in-game warning already, so I doubt SG will do much more about this.

@AussieBen if having a pop-up would be a real improvement for you over the email, I’d encourage you to make a feature request in #ideas-feature-requests. SG really does read those, and has implemented several.

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Same…I guess reading is fundamental…lol

it is fundamental, but when I wake up first thing “I do” is check on the Titan :slight_smile:

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