Synergy with Guardian Gazelle

What synergy with other heroes have you discovered to share? What are the best heroes to have in her side?

Since she removes all status effects from all allies, the choose of her companions is important.

Thanks and happy gaming

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I run with this yellow mono:

She plays exceptionally well with Woolerton and c.Vivica (unfortunately I do not have Vivi’s dress)…

You must NOT run Shakira with buffers! But debuffers…

There is a few exclusion like Rigard or Sif. You can also trigger Gullinbusti’s special with Gazelle…

If you use her as an off-color support than she is useful in every situations…

In a yellow stack you have to tailor your team around her ultimate cleanse and immunity…

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I had fun experimenting with a rainbow of:

Gazelle / Heimdall / Finley / JF / Killhare.

Heimdall: boosts health
Finley: def Down. Damages and preps forKillhare
JF: flips Killhare"s def down into boosted defence for Gazelle. Sets people on fire. Everyone else gets +50% defence due to Gazelle
Killhare: really likes having +100% attack


Gazelle pairs extremely well with Garnet - overheal is great, ailment block on Gazelle even better. Gazelle’s special already covers Garnet’s ailment block so that part getting dispelled isn’t of any concern whatsoever. For this reason my cRigard+19 finally retired honorably from my red, blue, and green 4-1 stacks and yielded the throne to Gazelle. (the way my purple stack is setup, I’m better off using Garnet as the off color support instead of Gazelle)

She also pairs great with the bunny heroes (Killhare, Roostley, Lepus) because she negates their self/team-harm


QoH .


Thx everyone!

I have Garnet and use the following currently;
Krampus, Gazelle, Onyx, Garnet, Cobalt

Not sure if Krampus ia perfect or not in this team. As I understand, if Krampus shoot first then Gazelle, no one can kill Gazelle?
But Krampus himself is unprotected. Although he has a lot of defense with 20 emblems:-)

I don’t have QoH, but Krampus has the same function in this case?

For the first time I use same team in def and offense. Is the position of heroes optimum?

Have been on Diamond for the last two years and the above setup seems to be stable after a few days.

Happy gaming

I also wonder if Elizabeth can have place instead of Krampus?

in general, debuffers on the other team are preferred.

firing Gullinbursti first and then Gazelle is one way to trigger Gulli’s damage part of his special immediately.

and considering the increased attack, i like firing Mist and AoE heroes for big damage.

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While Gazelle is one of the best support hero in the game, most would advice not placing her on defense. Besides, Krampus taunt gets lost if Gazelle starts or is already dancing, hence the QOH suggestion since her taunt is minion-based.

That team is neither optimal in defense or offense. You’ll get more bang if you stack elements on offense. Right now, the best defense can be patterned from a player in the top 100 who remained still in the top 100 even the player has been offline for several hours. If you don’t have the same heroes and troops, I guess the best way to gauge your best defense is to try configuring your heroes and formation daily, trying to set up a defense using the heroes and troops you’ve got and with various formations. The one that lost you the least number of trophies overnight may be your best defense team.

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C-Vivica/White Rabbit + Jackal/C-Leo would be some good teammates. Folks like Thor/Joon/Drake for blind. However, I speak mostly about titans and maybe offense, on defense she is very easy to exploit (say hello to Kage’s blade).

If you are hitting Gazelle’s allies while they are dancing, Kage’s dispel is naught. But if you target Gazelle while her allies are dancing on defense, her death spells disaster to her allies due to the loss of mana and some HP.

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Of course I mean the latter. But really, with Kage she’s easy enough to kill before there is even a dancing session. If one’s not sure though, better to wait until she charges and fires if possible.

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I would definitely advise against gazelle on defense as well as gazelle paired with krampus.

On offense this is the team I use her in most often these days

Vanda’s special is a bit wasted, but her speed means she generally fires at least once before gazelle and then she keeps gazelle herself protected. Vanda’s health steal pairs really well with Liz to keep those fiends up. And of course uraeus gives the dot to everyone and the baby minions to gazelle and viv


Gazelle is not great on defense as mentioned by others in this thread as well as on Gazelle thread…

I do not have Gazelle, but I agree she is very good on offense, and can also as +att for Titan team.

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I test to replace Krampus with Miki and see how well the “silence “ is in synergy. Next I replace with Lizabeth.

I don’t play mono. Usually 2-2-1 or 3-1-1

Happy gaming

Gazelle is one of the best offensive multitools in the game. She can make almost every team work. I usually run her with Heimdall as a healer to give her extra HP. She works very well on titans with tile boosters as thats the only attack boost that can be used together with her. She can keep even lower leveled or lower rarity heroes alive, dont forget the damage resistance she gives.


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