Synergy, who with whom

I’ve been hearing alot about team synergy. How well your team fits together. Does anybody know of any resources on this topic. I know about ep toolbox but as far as I can tell there isn’t alot of info on this topic. Is seems like there should be a method to this and somewhere to lookup this information. Like I know telly wasn’t nerfed on her own but because of how well her and velva paired together. Are there any such combinations that pair well together and it just seems like with all the wealth of information we have that in this area its sadly lacking.


Are you asking for any / all grade heroes - 3*, 4*, 5* and rainbow defence teams or mono offence teams or just colour stack 3/2 as an example

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Just search “Synergy” and you should get a bunch of other hits :stuck_out_tongue:


Thx, I really appreciate the info

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