Synergy, it matters

Hello everyone, I feel like I consistently see an issue on the forums where people don’t understand the crucial part of facing and building defenses, synergy.

So here’s an example from my personal team

I have run this exact same team with 2 different tanks 1 of those tanks got me to 2350 cups held.

The 2nd tank has consistently held right around 2550 cups.

What tank do you think I used to hold 2350? What about 2550?

Black knight, Telluria, queen of hearts, Santa, krumpus, ursena??? If you guessed any of these, you’d be totally wrong.

In fact, if you guessed any 5* you’d be wrong.

To hold 2350 cups I used a max emblem boldtusk built for defense and health.

To hold 2550 cups I used max emblem guilinbursti.

Thats right no amazing 5* tank for me, Just a 4*. I wish I could try this same set up with Wilbur, but sadly I still don’t have him.

I’m making this post to demonstrate that Odin and Frigg are great flanks, but if you don’t have a tank with some solid synergy then it doesn’t really matter.

Tanks matter a ton in this game. Synergy matters more than tanks, flanks, or wings.

My highest level troop is a level 12 mana troop, btw…even with 2 great flanks, a just okay tank couldn’t even keep me in diamond.

Synergy matters.


@Homaclese care to throw your Brynhild in here?

Homeboy runs Brynhild fully blemmed surrounded by 5s (not as good as frigg and odin, but pretty good) and routinely is in diamond and does well in war.

PS Gully is amazing.

+1 for giving Brynhild a whirl. She usually keeps me in low diamond. My team is Domitia +18 / Marjana +3 / Brynhild +19 / Vela +12 / Poseidon +18.

Care to explain to me where’s the synergy in Gulli with those heroes?


wait a minute…
Please explain.
(not knocking, I’m genuinely curious)

Sure thing. By running guilinbursti here I’m creating a challenge for my opponent. I make them want to bring purple to deal with double yellow, but if they don’t get the tiles they are severely punished.

Additionally since guilins damage is a flat amount I built him for full damage to again help punish rough starting boards, he increases survivability and softens up targets for the other 4 to finish off.

If someone brings red to try and deal with Frigg, or yellow to reduce odins effectiveness, there’s a good chance Guilin will go off 2x meaning my gm in the corner has 2,000 health, that sucks to deal with. By having 2 flat damage dealers, 1 sniper and 2 more aoe heroes, I’m making my opponent work around my team, and forcing them to bring healers, cleansers, and debuffers if they want to full counter my set up.

Debuffer for Guilin/Odin, cleaners for gm, and healers for all of the various damage output.

My guess is that most players bring purple to fight my team, but really what you should bring is green and yellow with Caedom. Feed tiles into Guilin, use Caedmon to remove guilins damage buff, and then bring yellows with a mist and chao to slow down mana generation, if you have neith or li xiu, that would work great too.

If you brought green/yellow against my team you would minimize Frigg and odins damage, debuff guilinbursti, and slow down mana generation enough to outpace with healing.

Me holding 2550 cups with this team really tells a story of players not breaking down how to win against me.


It’s a good set up. Similar to your suggestion, I bring my usual raid attack team of Cost. Rigard-Malosi-Cost.Tibs-Mist-Cost. Mel and hope I get 6 yellow tiles for Malosi and Mist to go off before Gulli does, but you’re right in that a bad starting board means a difficult fight and likely loss for me.

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Thats crazy , you use two yellow heroes side by side that should make you absolutely exposed to a purple attack

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Apreciate the explanation but have several doubts about it.

Why yellow heroes should help mitigate Odin?
Why do you think a double yellow team with a healer on tank shouldn’t be heavy purple attacked?

Do not want to be impolite, but my triple purple stack would obliterate that defence without problems.

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But that’s just it, it doesn’t because beyond the 2 yellows in the middle the rest of the team doesn’t take any extra damage from purple. Since the rest of the team is fast speed they don’t need a lot of additional tiles to go off.

So, unless you get 3 purple matches right out the gate and blow up both my yellow, and then ghost your way to victory from there, most likely the other heroes will go off and whittle you down.

The greatest determining factor to victory for a defense team in this game is the starting board, and hero specials.

If you create a team for defense that requires your team to deal with a bunch of different effects, and build a team that punishes bad starting boards your chance of victory really goes up a ton.

Not the heroes but using yellow tiles to take away from Odin and load heroes yourself. Same strategy as with going a green stack against Frigg…to use green tiles for your own.


I’m glad that you would have no issues, the point of this post isn’t to try and find a collective of people who could beat it. It’s to communicate that even though Frigg loves a red tank, it’s not as simple as slapping in a red with high defense and winning.

After troops my boldtusk had 1,000 defense. But that still couldn’t hold me in diamond even though it makes you think to bring blue to deal with the tank. because Guilin softens up the opponent he enables the rest of the team to whittle down the team from his start, Guilin has better synergy here.

Ya if someone gets a purple diamond at the start I’m dead in the water, but instead of trying to fight against a dream opening board, I think I’ll plan for the more typical boards I get when raiding.

Sorry to still come at you, but i really disagree with you here.

I do not distrust you for holding more cups with Gulli as tank rather then Bold, but i still think is more casuality then sinergy.
Many things are involved when you raid of course.

A bad start could punish you the same with Bold as tank. If you stack 3 blues and blue tiles dosn’t come your way, Bold can’t raise your HP but for sure attack. And a boosted Frigg wth several blues on the team hurt like hell.

Not saying one is better of the other.
Even the talent tree path count, or just luck, or heroes your opponent have and so on.
I do not prefer or think one is better of the other.

Double color of the tank call for triple of the strong color, period.

For me sinergy is something completely different.

Let’s take Guardian Gazelle and Sir Roostey.
Both are yellows, both are average and Guardian Gazelle both boost Sir Roostey attack and deny his attack reduction backfire.

That’s an example of great sinergy for me.

One hero literally enchant strong points and deny the weak points.

Same for colors.

Heroes that have extra damage against a color (Example Francine) call for a tank that force that color (Red tank to force stacking blue).

This is for me “synergy”.

Your tactic may work, but it’s not synergy for me.


I have to agree with @Elpis. I see no synergy, I only see a very agressive team and a trap set by two central yellows for heavy purple stack on a dry board. More even, I bet, that a real tank and some emblems would rocket that team’s natural score a lot higher than 2550.
When I hear “synergy” I picture a team that has special skills that actually work together to boost attack, lower defense and then deliver heavy damage on the enemy. Or other possible combinations between the tesm’s specials, like GTV was on defense.


When the latest Telly nerf happened, I didn’t really care that much about it because still a great tank, but just as a small form of protest I popped Telly out and replaced with Brynhild^20 for a few weeks. Know what happened? Absolutely nothing. I was holding at 2500-2600 with Telly and did exactly the same with Brynhild^20. Which made me think that all the time I spent sweating over the best possible defense…maybe could have been put towards something more rewarding. Like a nap or something.


I’ll try to make a more direct point.

Guilin does 400 damage guaranteed, if they can’t kill him before his effect goes off, or if they don’t bring a debuffer.

The 400 damage to all is what really makes the difference. It does just enough damage to out the opposition in the kill zone for the other 4.

It’s an aggressive team sure, but that’s where the synergy comes in.

I ran boldtusk, he is faster mana and buffs attack so he should make everyone else hit harder. He also makes it harder to bring purple for Odin, and makes people want to lean towards red.

And yet, Guilin does better than boldtusk even though the matchup makes less sense.

That’s where the synergy comes in. It’s about guilins special in relation the damage ceiling of Frigg, Odin, gm, and sartana that makes it all work, along with the extra health from Guilin helping to push the survivability of other up enough to let them fire specials.

Guilin brings the missing synergy that boldtusk didn’t provide. Are there better synergies out there? Absolutely. But when you ask what to run with Frigg almost everyone said a red tank, I didn’t have that so I did what I could. It failed, but I found a 200 trophy increase with a gold tank and some added synergy.



the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


Princess Bride auto-like!

Also played appropriately, imo.

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To me it really is pretty simple…just put your best out there of 1 color each and add synergy where you can. Ultimately it isn’t gonna matter much anyway as your cups will eventually drop at least that is my experience in the 2600+ cup range where I generally operate…and usually it is losses in the hundreds of cups after an overnight log off. This game is 90+ percent board dictated from the first move unfortunately.

I said 2550 because that’s the low average of where I sit for example…I’m now at 2600, and the highest I’ve gotten from wins is 2650…been like this for about a week.

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