Synergy help

Here are my top heroes arranged by power. I’m hoping to get thoughtful, serious feedback on creating the best synergistic defense team. I’m open to moving emblemsaround and prioritizing leveling up if need be.

Freya tank, flanked by Frigg and Drake. Those 3 are among the absolut best in the game for these positions. Seshat in one corner and I don’t know, maybe white rabbit in the other?

WR - Frigg - Freya - Drake - Seshat

I would start with something similar to @PikeKing but maybe get a red in there as well for a good rainbow. Both Tyr and Vanda can be scary to me, so maybe this:

  • Seshat - Frigg - Freya - Drake - Tyr
  • Seshat - Frigg - Freya - Vanda - Drake

Other suggestion…

Seshat, Frigg, Freya, QoH, Drake looking for some minion synergies between QoH, seshat and Freya.

you also may consider using Hatter and Rabbit for wonderland family bonus instead of Drake and Frigg.

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