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Hi everyone. Hope all is well! I started working on a simple slide show / compilation using very basic tools at my disposal as my style is to bring raw and right to the point content to help new and seasoned players discover synergies between hero’s and also think of awesome new theories between hero’s to see if we can further synergize them. I have a fairly diverse roster on my end but I try to show respect and include all hero’s for every activity in the game, not just pvp and wars, as all hero’s have a place in this game. This is my 2nd revision after suggestions from my discord community and reddit and I wanted to share it on this platform as well for more pairs of eyes and seek new and awesome ways to synergize and theory craft.

3rd revision will include feedback from this revision and minion setups.
4th will be on 2 star hero’s

I added this to my playlist so if you guys want to see some of the synergies in action feel free to browse about but until sound fx are corrected I want to further develop this project so please let me know if I’ve missed anything and I will note it for further updates.

Thank you so much and enjoy!


Super cool. Will watch this on youtube after work. Thanks!!

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I really like what you have there! Thanks… where did you get the hero cards or did you make them yourself ? Very helpful all in all.

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Thank you all for your support so far and responses. I do apologize for the screen resolution. This was done on my gaming pc with ultrawide screen and as I use basic tools I tried my best to not loose resolution and this is as best as I could do without professional tools (I just love factory programs + old school)

@Chadmo I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:
@Rivanni I used empires and puzzles wiki and snipping tool and then microsoft paint for outlines and pencil arrows haha. I do use photos from the game. Mainly in magnifying glass mode where you can see the hero and the title.

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Hey @LurkerL, couple good synergies referenced; I’m personally a big fan of the BK & riposte one; have been using it for ages. You did however not mention the BEST option which Costume Elena who has the highest riposte amount at 155%;

From the first time I reported it to the forum:

Also, to push your reported synergy with Gullinbusti & Wilbur further there is a better application again but requires a niche hero (Mok-Arr).


  1. Fire Gullinbursti
  2. Fire Wilbur
  3. Fire Mok-Arr

Mok-arr’s attack on all allies will instantly be divvied up between all allies due to Wilbur’s damage share. This instantly results in a +20x onto Gullinbursti’s effect.

This above synergy works even better with Beserk Heroes than it does with Gullinbursti. So heroes like Black Knight, Khiona or Brienne.

Steps are the same:

  1. Fire Beserk Hero
  2. Fire Wilbur
  3. Fire Mok-Arr

Again, the damage share of Wilbur will kick in and share out Mok-Arr’s attack to all allies. Then results in an instant +20x on the beserk stat (which maxes it out I’ll add)… Thus instantly giving your team the biggest possible attack boost available.

Additional note: Black Knight’s “taunt” doesn’t block this damage from Mok-Arr as his effect specifically states that the taunt only applies to ENEMY special skills.


Enjoyed it for sure. And I could pause for the long ones to read. Keep up the good work!!

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I tried to sync the compilation to both bgm tracks (back when I made Mugen content but thats another life) but further revisions will have longer slide times for less pausing. :slight_smile:

@Guvnor Now we’re rolling! Glad to have more tools at the disposal. I will use your syngery and give credit in the next revision. I always knew Wilbur Mok-Arr played nice together but adding Gullinbursti is just icing on the cake!

Thank you so much!

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