Synergizing with minion killers (grimble). How to make them more viable in current meta

With heroes like grimble and Noor, there is sort of a ‘demand’ for minion killers. But they’re still considered niched. While Noor has many issues to settle first, Grimble is more developed as a minion killer. So we’ll use him as the discussion. So can we make him more useable in the current meta?

We can’t change anymore of his skill because he’ll be too overly designed. And his current skillset is more than adequate enough to deal with minion teams. But outside of minions, his only contribution is AOE damage and the 10% crit chance for all dark. The next step is to come up with specific heroes that can act as a combo extender for grimble

I’ll start first. I suggest that a hotm purposely create fake minions on the other side to disrupt the Defence team even if they don’t focus on minion summoning. As it’s counted as a minion, grimble’s skill can be use effectively on them. The fake minions can also harm their owners like draining health (mini vampires) or mana (mini onatel) for that hotm

There are already quite a few minion makers. Next comes 5 heroes of the month, who summon minions…

Food for grimble

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Season 4 hero happened from this idea! Worms they say

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