Synergies: Where is Big John?

I think hero synergies between 5* and 4* heroes would be great.

Ie The 4* hero gets a permanent bonus or boost if fighting with the 5*


Big John
Fire element
Attack: 800
Defence: 620
Health: 1500

Ultra Chop
All enemies receive 190% damage and lose 30% mana. Mana regeneration of all enemies are reduced by 10% for 3 turns.

Synergy: If fighting with Little John, Little John’s defence and health are permanently boosted by 20% for the duration of the battle. Little John’s mana speed also changes to average for the battle


I like that.
Voted and after all LJ is my partner in our hair cut shop.
@JonahTheBard check this out.
A chance to upgrade 4☆ to 5 :slight_smile:

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