Synergie or interference between Gullinbusti and Guardian Gazelle

Hi guys and gals!

I have just finished my last yellow project (wu kong) and started to level up one of my WarPigs and all the sudden I realized that there “could” be a potentional synergie between the aforementioned heroes.

Do Shakira’s (ehm) Guardian Gazelle’s Dance cause Gullinbusti to fire instantly?

I assume so but can anybody confirm?

If it does work I might level up both of my piggies…

I cannot upload a video… is there any other way? (Samsung Galaxy)

Interesting point. I don’t know.

I’m going to say it doesn’t fire Gullinbursti.

I think it’s like a dispell. If Gullinbursti is dispelled, he doesn’t fire even though the affect ‘ends’.

I’m guessing that if it is removed then it doesn’t ‘end’ naturally and so doesn’t fire.

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Magic night stages specs last 1 round only Gully fires.
Ninja tower reduced hero specs rounds Gully fires.
War equalizer dispel Gully fires.
Gazelle buff cleanse effect Gully misfire? haha well if it fires it will be for a minimal damage 250ish something like the other options.

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Thank you !

You are right! He does fire but I was doing it wrong!

One have to wait to charge the pig THAN fire Gazelle to get an instant AoE from a healer…

I tried it the otger way around eg. casting Gazelle’s Special than fire Gullinbusti… in this case no damage was done becouse the buff never landed on the Pig … working as intendid…

But taken this synergie I will totally level up both of my WarPigs!

Disgusting cooperation! :star_struck:

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Nope it does work…

Casting Gazelle’s special do make Gullinbusti fire!

Happy days!

I have two yellow project now for about a half a year :rofl:

EDIT: just imagine two pigs supported by Gazelle…

Even if it’s only 250 damage as @NikolayVKazakov mentioned thats some serious crap for the whole enemy team linked to a pushable button (gazelle)

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Good to know. I will have to remember if I roll you in raids :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Can somebody give me an idea how much damage Gullinbusti does if dispelled instantly?


He fires when he’s dispelled. He does not fire when he dies. I know because sometimes I had 2 Gullinbursti in Rush RT and C-Melendor killed himself and half of his team when he dispelled them :rofl: .

On topic, the damage should be in 200ish when dispelled instantly. On my +20 Gulli (defense-HP path) he does 188 as a base.

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My death pig at +20 starts at 183 on the card and maxes out at 339. Will be slightly more in game with troop bonuses

Really? That’s cool.

I run him a lot and never noticed!

I think the effect needs to be more impressive!

Yeah it was a bit confusing first but now it makes sense!

Gazelle “removes” and not dispells or cleanses…

So apparently fireing Gazelle after the Piggy is good but it does not work the other way around… But the boosted health does apply even while dancing since it’s not a buff or status effect…



I think that when dancing is active it does not apply the buff in the first place, so of course it never fires. It’s like with unremovable debuffs: they cannot be removed, but buff protection from Vanda/Grazul/Garnet does prevent them - they’re unremovable, not unpreventable.

Man, SGG is worse than genies with their wording sometimes.

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FWIW, I have two (2) maxed Guardian Gazelles and three (3) maxed Gullinburstis.

I can 100% confirm that if you let the angry boar cast his skills first, the AOE damage against the enemy takes place immediately after Gazelle begins to dance. The Dance of the Spirits, if fired before the angry boar’s 3 turns are up, technically ends Gullinbursti’s AOE charge. The AOE damage depends on the level of the pig (whether maxed or still being leveled), emblems, and troop support as the attack stat influence the damage dealt, on top of how many times the pig or any of his allies are hit before the skill ends.

But if Gazelle casts her skills first, the angry boar can only overheal but his AOE damage cannot take effect since Gazelle’s dance makes her allies immune to both buffs and status ailments.


He is indeed!

Now after all the jigsaws have been put together it’s simple but bend me over and call me Suzie if I could have figure this out all by myself :star_struck:

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Can you help us a bit more please?

What happens when Gullin has his skill up and another attack or special skill boosting effect (C.Rigard, Boldie, Etc…) …AAAND Gazelle fires?

Is the Pig’s damage going to be affected by the damage boost or the dispell comes first?

EDIT: i should totally test these myself but I’m usually wrong when I read numbers HAHA

My answer is on my previous post:

The AOE damage from the angry pig SHOULD BE a bit higher if his attack is buffed by Boldtusk, costumed Rigard or any other attack buffer than without the said attack buffs.

However, when I tested this, the attack buff made by either BT and costumed Rigard does no increase to Gull’s AOE damage. I tried a scenario where the attack buffer fires first, then Gull, then Gazelle, the AOE damage from the pig has has the same damage as if the attack was not buffed. I also tried a scenario where the pig fires first, then the attack buffer, then Gaz, it yielded the same result.

Conclusion: The pig’s AOE damage can only be based on the attack stat from his level, emblems and troops supporting him. In actual battle, attack buffs from BT and c.Rigard has no effect to his AOE damage. Maybe the boost to the AOE damage requires more than +48% attack. I guess I will experiment later using Wu, Ares and/or Chameleon.

Caveat emptor: this was done in just a few hits.

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Yes. And Gullinbursti is a great hero already on his own. I am leveling my second copy even without Shakira I mean Guardian Gazelle.

Already got two. Recommended in very fast 4* tourneys. Double Gullinbursti plus double Proteus is unstoppable

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Thank you for testing this for me!

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