Syndicate of War- Closed, thank you all


Available spot!

We’ve killed our first 11* Titan the other day and steady in top 100!


I’m interested - QuaZulu - I maintain 2000+ cups. Defense team currently 3772


Awesome I just checked your spot is still open! Just going to finish off the Titan so I can get my chest loot and I’ll be over!


@2Spookd request sent!


I regularly see 2Spookd and Wormwood on the PvP channel…very active and competitive, fun players. If you want some bloodshed…join the best :smiley:




I and my three buddies are looking for an alliance. We all have leveled 5* teams. Do you currently need players? We are all very active players.



Hey QuaZulu! Sorry I didn’t catch you sooner. Contact me on Line! We might have a potential spot for you in the future


Hey Jake1, it would be hard to make accommodations for a large group right now. Contact me on Line if you’d like to hear about future spots though.


Can I could join your


We have one spot available after the War! Bring your A-game!

@Panteranera Contact me on Line if you are interested




2spooked and wormwood’s raid videos may be more fun than the actual game itself. Great recruitment video too!


Thanks Golden! I appreciate the good words.

SoW promotes full participation and we’re looking for like minded players! We may have some positions available soon. Please contact us as we climb in the rankings.


Are you and your buddies still interested? Please let me know! You can also contact me on line ID: 2spookd


SoW has a position available! One of our members had to step out for RL.

Get out of that alliance that’s stuck because of low participation. Don’t hesitate to contact us on Line. These positions don’t last long.


We’re currently seeking 1 strong/experienced player that wants to be part of a fast growing and fiercely competitive top 100/50 alliance. Come build something special with us.

I can’t say enough good things about our members. Please contact us to discuss…

Must have line, contact 2spookd (Line: 2spookd) or wormwood (Line: wormwood9)


Looking for that right member! 1 position available


War is over and the temp player moved on! Looking for a permanent member


My alliance is slowly falling apart I have strong teams 3 full 3 working on and the usual pile of hero’s that fall to the back I love to chat have never missed a battle titian or war (I am dedicated co leader who joined a fart of an alliance )