Syndicate of Ash is interested in a merge

Continuing the discussion from Rebel Forces looking for Alliance to merge with:

The Syndicate of Ash is interested if you are still looking for a merge.

What ideas you have on a merger?

Our alliance maintains around 15 members, we can’t seem to get very many above that. We are hoping to merge with an alliance that also has about 10-15 active players so we can be competitive with both titan battles and wars.

I am not sure you will find such ideal match here. I was going to ask if your alliance members would accept being scattered in 4 alliances, not feeders, but each with a different outlook, relaxed, achievers and rising beginners. It does not seem the case. But as it is, there are plenty of lost alliances out there, if your folks just go out and search for people lost in dead alliances, you might fill your empty spots. I wander a lot through those alliances, so if you want some feedback, feel free to contact me in line,
branwen62 is my id

Looking for a merge under those circumstances is tough. You might get lucky and find another similarly-sized alliance, but it might be in your best interest to try and boost your numbers through the AR chatroom first and foremost.

For us, as an alliance that maintains 30 members, we may consider a merge but only with another alliance close to 30 members so that we can end up with 2 full rosters.

The AR may seem fruitless at times I know, but with time (and some creative ads) you can get the members you need. At any rate, you’ll know what’s best for you - good luck!

I’m in an alliance that SHOULD be interested in a merge. I actually suggested it in the in-game alliance chat earlier today (before seeing your post), so that’s a nice coincidence!
Anyhow, I haven’t gotten much response yet. Only the alliance leader himself has replied so far, to suggest I use the in-game global chat to recruit more members. I did for like two seconds, before quickly realizing it would not be a useful tool, and said as much back to him, at which point he admitted that he also had previously tried that and given up. LOL.
So anyway, we’ve got like 10 - 12 active members. Three of them are level 40ish in the game, and in platinum for raids. The rest of us are mostly in the mid-20s and gold or silver. (I’m 25/gold, having played for about a month.) We’re only knocking out 4* and sometimes 5* titans, and usually losing wars because we keep getting matched up against fuller alliances with higher combined ratings. (The two times we’ve been matched against an alliance with a rating similar to ours, we won handily.)
My point is, I think we have enough good players to make a merge worthwhile, but it’s going to take some work to convince them to disband and join you guys.
Thoughts? Should I pursue further?

We are in very similar predicaments, with both wars and titans. I have also only been playing since February. We post all the time to the various chat rooms and we pick up a couple players and then we end up loosing a couple players. I would love it if you could talk your team into joining us, we could really do some damage in both wars and with the titans if we had 30 or close to 30 active players. I hope it works out! Good Luck and Thanks for trying!

Would you guys consider disbanding and joining our team, as opposed to the other way around? I’m sensing some reluctance on the part of our team’s leaders to do so themselves.

Our alliance is called “All the Kings men!!”, if you want to check us out. My name in the game is also gregschen.

Update: My alliance’s leader now seems open to making the move, but he’s concerned if you guys will accept all our members. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to, especially since you have a zero trophy requirement, but I felt like I should pass the concern along all the same, and see what you had to say about it. Look forward to hearing from you further.

These may be a doable thing, are you still interested in merging?

Our alliance is called The Freakshow if you’d all like to come aboard. We are all very active in both wars and killing titans. We’d be happy to have you with us.

We have 14 open spots in The Syndicate of Ash so as long as you still have 10-12 players we have the room for you

are your spaces still open we have between 10_13 that are looking to move from our current alliance?

Yes we still have 14 spots

can u accept us over the next few hours as ppl see us moving

they are coming now are you ready?

I just got a request from lonewolf. Is that one of you guys?

yea we coming now we are all active players and thanks

We have 15 as well… We could be a good fit. What titan levels you fighting?