Syncing accounts between Apple and Android on devices where accounts have already been synced

Hi folks,

Had a bit of an issue and looking to see if there is anything that can be done about a lost account and advice to make sure I don’t lose another account.

This is what happened (over the space of many months):

  • My wife created an account on her Android phone
  • I created an account on my Android phone
  • I created an Alt account on my wife’s iPad
  • Played my alt more than expected and linked the iPad account to another Android account I had
  • My wife decided to use her iPad for her account - it warned me that my alt account would be deleted, but I felt confident that it would still be on my alt Android account, so carried on.

I was wrong. Not only did it put my wife’s account onto her iPad but it switch her Android account over to my alts Android account.

I am now wondering the following:

  1. Is there any way to get my alt back (I am guessing not given that it did warm me)
  2. If I now sync the iPad back to my wife’s account I assume it will move it as expected. I’m also guessing that it will remove it from the iPad, as this appears to be linked to my alt account? This is the important part and my unknown. If I lose her account (with Hel, Guin, Panther, … Just about all the best characters), she will kill me, so I’m not taking any chances here.

Anyone had similar issues / know of how this works in more detail?

My ideal would be:

  • Wife’s account is on iPad and her phone
  • My alt is on my alt Android account

I would be happy with everything as it started.

I would settle with my wife’s account just being back on her phone.

Many thanks.

It will totally depend on whether you had the accounts linked to one of the ways of saving them. Here’s SG’s post on how to recover an account:

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Thanks @Garanwyn but I don’t think this applies.

For example the Android account/email address connected to my alt is NOW connected to my wife’s account. I didn’t think this was possible.

All that link says about syncing an account to an already linked account is DON’T. I didn’t see this before I did it. Too late now.

I’ve created a Support ticket.

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